Discussion in 'RLC' started by armytankieboy, May 30, 2009.

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  1. This is not walt or WAH but does anybody have any photos or links of photos of the oshkosh tank transporters.
  2. Sixty

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  3. There's a group on Facebook with loads of pics, can't remember the group name, search KBR Fastrax that should sort you out.
  4. Shed load of Tank Transporter pics on this forum.

    http://linky to tanky pics/
  5. Ask CH am sure he will have some in his Porn file to send you!!!
  6. Type

    KBR FTX Logistics

    in the search

  7. That's the one, loads of pics on there old bean.
  8. Actually the only ones i have are the ones of the HET and CRRARV that tipped over not far from the Home of Fuel!!! :wink:
  9. Fcuk me, I must be bored! :roll:



  10. Having been out for almost 15 years. Its good to see the ubiquitous black masking tape on the door of the Oshkosh. How would the army be fit for role without it!
  11. I knew a bloke from Oshkosh......He had ringworm
  12. I remember watching one of these parking up in Shiaba a few years back. We thought it was remote controlled as the cab appeared to be empty....

    All was explained when the smallest driverette I have ever seen clambered out. It took her at least two minutes to get down to the ground...
  13. PMSL, opps thats sexist :oops:
  14. ARRSE... :roll:

    Didn't say she was a bad driver did I.. (she wasn't)

    Shortarseist perhaps, sexist naah.. :wink: