OSG - what is it ?

I wonder if you can help me - I have just been on an exercise where the Div OSG was deployed. In overhearing the discussions I initially thought it was like any other Brigade with an area of responsibility and could deploy its HQ to fight the enemy. Then there came a discussion regarding ISTAR control and the OSG staff in the Div HQ said they were a staff branch to control and command the ISTAR on behalf of the GOC. I dont know which the OSG really is and cant see how you can be a staff branch and a manoeuvre formation command at the same time?
The OSG is the ofensive support group

It is made up of combat support units not infantry and tankies (artillery, air support in the form of fast air and helicopter from the AAC). It is not a HQ in its self but part of the DIV HQ.

some one will correct me on what i have said but this is it in a basic description.
Almost there Defender - it is a HQ in its own right and can receive its own battlespace, missions and tasks like anyh other.

Tend to be 'deep ops' in old money - although it prompts a discussion about whether we can still use terms like 'deep' and 'close' anymore...
OK - I'm confused - how can a staff branch also be an HQ in its own right and if OSG is a war winner why is it not deployed from the Divs at the moment - it seems to run the rear party - or am I getting confused?
The OSG encompasses the Div Deep Find and Deep Strike capability. It is 'effectively' a Bde HQ commanded by a Brigadier and is centred on HQ RA at 1** (and I would have thought that the same is true at 3**.

1** CRA has OPCON of 12th, 3RHA, 4th, 26Regt and the same of DIV FR. Comd 7*, 4* and 20* will have TACON of affiliated Gun Regts.

CR, as far as I am aware, we don't do JAAT's anymore, its Joint Fires...
defender said:
It is made up of combat support units not infantry and tankies (artillery, air support in the form of fast air and helicopter from the AAC). It is not a HQ in its self but part of the DIV HQ.
Pedantic I know but the AAC is not combat support.
H'man - thank you but peacetime command does not necessarily equal operational capability. Deep find in a Divisional context is well beyond the capability of any STAR asset that will be under command of even Div - the exception being possibly the FR regt but even that will be stretched. How can it be an effective Bde HQ in a 2* HQ without its own enabling capability. If it is soooooooo good and needed why isnt it deployed on ops ? I remain to be convinced that it really knows what it is apart from a good grouping for exercises ..................................
Ed, you're pushing an open door. Currently The Div deep find capability is sourced from FR, Px and Spec Ops. This will hopefully change with the introduction of Tac UAV, Pred B, ASTOR etc.

The concept of the OSG being battle winning is a generalism. The OSG cannot deploy as a Bde HQ as it is the RA branch within 1**. Do not think that it is the same as a true Bde HQ/Bde.
Thanks - its interesting - the original conversation I overheard suggested the OSG could do everything - reality seems it is a theoretical aspiration enhanced by fighting GENFORCE rather than reality.

Just like to point out that 3 div has an osg as well.

and you will always find some elements of it on ops in the div hq or the top hq that is deployed
defender said:
Victorian Major

what do the AAC do with the Apache helicopter if not combat support
Combat. Direct fire battle, innit?
Still no discussion to prove its not just a GENFORCE defeating capability looking for a role elsewhere - ah well - back to the map marking .....

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