Oscar Peterson - the passing of the best

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by No.9, Dec 29, 2007.

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    Oscar Peterson, 1925-2007[/align]

    A bit surprised this hadn't been posted already, then I suppose pure Jazz is not exactly topical in the current commercial wave. None the less, the passing of such a significant musician as Oscar Peterson rightfully made International prime-time news.

    A classically trained Canadian pianist, Peterson continued the style of Art Tatum and established his own benchmark. Some critics claimed "Peterson uses 100 notes where others would use 10", [or in the case of Count Basie, one :D ], however, none could disagree that every single one fitted with perfect intonation, amplitude and melody.

    He was an extremely prolific recorder so leaves a massive library for posterity. Agreed some work is perhaps a bit 'pedestrian', but a lot is classic.

    Saw him at one of his all-star trio gigs with Niels Pedersen and Martin Drew - Nirvana. :salut:


    sample, plenty more on YouTube
  2. Good to see someone here mention his passing; sorry I didn't rise to the occasion. Spend some time listening to Oscar Peterson Trio Plus One Clark Terry and Oscar in Paris after I heard of his passing.

    So slips away another of the old guard, the real pioneers of jazz. Won't see someone the likes of him again.
  3. A real loss to the world of music. Oscar Peterson, C.C., was truly one of the greats and part of the development of the great jazz culture of Montreal. I never saw him perform live but did see him once in the audience at Biddle's in Montreal, owned by the late Charlie Biddle, C.M. who had played bass fiddle with a number of the greats, including Peterson (nice to see that some of these guys received honours). A lot of the real jazz greats have gone now. I know this will make me seem like an ancient old fart but I don't see them being replaced. There are a few exceptions. Nora Jones sometimes sounds like the reincarnation of Lady Day. Perhaps there is some hope. Best wishes all! RIP Oscar.
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Glad to see there are some Petersen fans about. Very sad that he has passed, but his legacy of music will endure. He was a brilliant and innovative player, and actually quite a good singer. He sounded much like Nat 'King' Cole when he sang.

    I saw him once in concert, many years ago, along with Joe Williams. A superb gig.

    Jazz is the poorer for his passing, but as long as we have the music of him, Shearing and the MJQ to listen to, life is warmer.
  5. Heads-up. Set recorders to stun.

    Friday 1st February - Oscar Peterson night on BBC4

    Other programmes on radio if you search around a bit. :thumright:

  6. First jazz record I ever bought was Peterson's in the late 60's.
    Sad but a good innings.