oscar mayer bacon

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. On sale is sainsbury

    Cooked till crisp then mixed with a cheese top bun a little sauce and a lovely egg.

    it beats nina hartley chewing on your lolly and no mistake.

    I will die fat and early but i will have known the glory of this combo.

    Dribble into my bri nylon polo shirt before following through after a lifetime of muesli and brown rice or a dramatic faceplant at the stool of the winebar

    The choice is yours......mmmmmmmmmm bacon
  2. Stuff is crap.
    If you try to eat it with a fork, you risk shrapnel wounds and blinding from the flying pig fragments as it explodes.
    Stick to Danish bacon, has meat not just fat.
  3. I`ll take the bacon route Haggler. However, bacon produced by "Oscar Mayer" cannot possibly be the genuine article. Ooops, I almost used the kosher word then. If i`m not careful I`ll be getting slaps on the wrist from the Jew fanciers as well as the Muzzie lovers.
  4. one smell and you are hooked.

    jew bacon ? is it a plot against the muslim hordes?

    do they throw it at the bods over the wailing wall ?

    what is this mustapha ? it smells divine and tastes like jarrods backdoor
  5. bear 77 is known for his food reviews.

    if i could have that with brains faggot starters i will attend your dinner party
  6. Who eats bacon with a fork? you a princess or something?
  7. Concur. Best way is in a bacon sandwich. The egg was omitted from the sandwich shown below in order to reduce the cholesterol content.

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  8. Things Americans can't do are win wars build decent cars or do cooked breakfasts, end of discusion.
  9. The bit highlighted ... maybe not, if Oscar F is anything to go by (and presuming he thought sufficiently well of his products to eat them!)

    "following the death of Oscar F. Mayer at the age of 95"

  10. There's a lot of plate going empty there...

    And what's that you're trying to sneak in on the mid left? Looks like a piece of cod. :evil: I see what you mean about your drinking village having a fishing problem; you just can't leave the stuff alone, can you?
  11. Crispy bacon is shit. There, I've said it.
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  12. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    There's only one type of bacon. That's the bacon from the butcher's. It may be a bit more pricey than packets of the stuff in Supermarkets, but it's not full of water like Supermarket bacon. It doesn't leave that horrible watery chicken protein scum that they inject it with.

    'Nuff said and not open to discussion... End ex.
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  13. I'd also like to point out that American bacon is shit. Bacon should be mostly pink with a little bit of white round the edge, not a mass of fat with a small bit of meat on one edge.