Osbournes flee blaze at mansion

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne had to flee their mansion when a blaze broke out as they slept.

The fire started in the living room of the Buckinghamshire home late at night.

Black Sabbath star Ozzy and X-Factor judge Sharon were roused by a fire alarm and ran to safety in the garden, rescuing their pets as they escaped.

The couple were not injured in the fire, which happened on Good Friday, but were treated for the effects of smoke inhalation.

Two fire engines turned up at the home and four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went inside to douse the flames.

Safety advice

Fire chiefs believe the cause may have been electrical. The extent of the fire was not immediately clear but it is believed to have caused damage running into thousands of pounds.

On Wednesday fire officers visited the couple to give them safety advice.

The blaze is the latest in a series of blows for the MTV reality show stars.

Last November the couple were burgled at the Chalfont St Peter mansion, with an estimated £2m-worth of jewellery stolen.

Eleven months before the burglary Ozzy had suffered a near-fatal crash on a quad bike.
The Ozz ain't having much luck these days,

1. Quad accident
2. Robbery
3. House fire
4. 2 really fcuked up ugly kids, who will make more money in 1 year than any of us in a lifetime.

Fcuk it, he can afford it :evil:


there was me thinking your were jealous of his bike! :p
If the Ozbournes kid's were not so repulsive people would not try to burn them.
The entire Osbourne clan deserve to burn. Surely they are the results of some kind of eugenics program that went hideously wrong.
I'd keep Ozzy, but I wouldn't p1ss on the rest of them to put the flames out.
Biscuits_AB said:
Could you imagine living next door to those c*nts?
legs of lamb flying over the garden fence and sharon and ozzy snuxxling in the bushes! 8O :oops:
No thanks

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