Osbourne 'struggled with burglar'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by easesprings, Nov 23, 2004.

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  1. The battle of the gimps. The intruder must have been incredibly stupid or slow for Ozzie to have the time to shuffle towards him in a barrage of F'ing and Blinding. Must have been hilarious.
  2. well done ozzy..... 8O

    agent smith
  3. I wonder how it would have turned out at his 'Merican pad?

    Good stuff though Ozzy!
  4. They would have been ventilated courtesy of the AR-15 Ozzy was playing with in one of the Osbournes episodes!

    Ozzy for PM!
  5. Ozzy should have bitten the fecker's head off! :twisted:
  6. Or he may have run them through with his bayonet!! :twisted:

    agent smith
  7. are you sure that headline shouldn't of read

    "ozzy struggles to say b-b-b-fookin b-boorglars...sharooooooooooooooon"
  8. You dont have to be sick to want to ream Sharon, just sufficently OLD!
    I must be well past my sell by date, even Joan Rivers is starting to look a little foxy! 8O