Osborne should go say 44% of voters.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. And replace him with........? We could have the Albert Einstein of economists but it would mean **** all, it's a global recession and as we binned manufacturing and the ability to drag our way out of the shit we're at the mercy of other economies.
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  2. The whole fecking shower should go. Problem is, who could replace them?
  3. How much actual control do our governments have over the economy, though? Unless we see a reassertion of state control over markets (something that's not likely to happen with any of the main parties in power), the levers are in the hands of private enterprises, not government ministers.

    It must be a wonderful position for these 'masters of the universe' to be in - all of the authority but the safe knowledge that only the very worst of cock-ups will land the responsibility in their lap.
  4. Where we embrace the capitalist market it might be worth noting that it has more ups and downs than Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Unless we embrace research and design and lead from the front (with our manufacturing ability destroyed courtesy Mrs T and followers on Major, Blair and Brown) we is just more than slightly doomed.

    Howe may have libralised our banking sector but in doing so and coupled to the concurrent destruction of our manufacturing capacity the UK has been doomed unless some Minister can grab the nettle and re-invigorate industry, which with free movement of capital etc, is not going to happen given our over bloated State sector and corresponding high taxation.

    At which point, I have no faith in the rantings of any Con. Should they be worth their salt they would have taken an axe to the Public Sector and the red tape that they are so fond of talking about... they have not. Just weasle words in its stead.
  5. Only 44%? So that means 56% want him to stay or are too stupid to have an opinion either way. Even if an actual majority wanted him binned i doubt if Cameron's got it in him to sack him or bully him into resigning.
  6. I think what has pissed the majority of the public off is the fact that the goverment has allowed these feckers to get away scott free! look at news international for instance, instead of having an investigation we had an enquiry, because half the politicians are in bed with murdoch and up to their knecks in it

    Then we get the LIBOR scandal and what is the end result? We have to wait for the americans to conclude their investigation, to see if prosecutions will be made. Because in the uk we are incapable of dealing with it. As our laws are pisch! All we hear about is the global crash and that banks are running at a loss, how the hell can you announce a profit at a bank but still declare your in debt? is it not a simple case that these greedy little bastuards are working frantically to get back to the levels they were before the crash?
    Look at what happened with northern rock,it was moved on for a fraction of what it should have cost, this goverment and the previous one are in bed with the city, and could'nt give a stuff about joe public. look at public sector pensions, funny how they wont change their own pensions, even though it is funded by the tax payer!
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the moment that Labour think that they are in with a chance, Little Ed Millipede will be out on his arrse so fast that all he'll see is ground rush.
  8. Good thing we have a democracy, 44% is not a majority. Given that only 33% would then vote of which you have no guarantee that the 44% would vote, I think he is OK for a bit!

    Have you ever considered a career in politics, I would endorse you, it would, then, at the very least, prevent you from posting on here!
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  9. 44% Of Sunday Mirror and Independant readers want him to go. So less than half of the readership of Two leftie papers want him out? Id say he is pretty safe
  10. 44% you say, so nearly 1 in 2 of the total voting population of the UK were asked.

    Therefore approximately half the people on this site should have been asked.

    I wasn't.
  11. Alternatively, the first half of your post could lead the conclusion that Osborne is being lambasted for things over which he has no real control.
  12. Id say e iz pretty safe also blad.....fak de independant