Osborne planning to cut expat personal allowances. Pensioners beware!


The treasury are apparently seeking to cut personal allowances for non residents. Applied to foreign property owners and speculators this makes financial sense to them, but for expats ekeing out an existance on a UK or military pension, (many do so because you can live on it abroad), it will be a disaster. I think the treasury should be aware that pensioners who can no longer survive on their pension overseas will have no choice but to return to the UK and increase the tax burden.

There is a petition, not the best written one, but it needs signing:


...and there's an email address if you would like to tell the treasury to ram it:


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I and others like me save the gov't tons of money by being non-resident. Some guys out here haven't had a (state) pension increase in 20 years. Japan actually encourages its pensioners to go abroad as they recognise the savings. The last ambassador out here did try to point this out but got told to wind his neck in.
Always dubious about putting name and address on some online thing.

I would be mighty miffed if it happened as I eventually intend to take my pension abroad because much of abroad has moved to the UK.

The answer would be to have an address of convenience in the UK with a relative or an anonymised PO Box and have all payments made into a UK based bank account.........seem's to work for all the dodgy gits claiming benefits in Spain.


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Just once I'd like to be able to say with a straight face that Treasury wasn't being short sighted and giving the rest of us short shrift. Not in my lifetime.

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