Osborne - Op Allowance to double under Cons

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lewiscollins, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Just announced on BBC2 live...
  2. You appear to have forgotten the link.
    Are we talking sex change ops,military ops,in growing toenail ops?
  3. If that's true, happy days! Would be voting for them anyway, but that seals the deal.
  4. Can we change the thread title to "Osborne shamelessly and publicly attempts to bribe the armed forces"? It would be more truthful to the story then.
  5. Linky

    A public sector pay freeze less "front line troops".
  6. Cynical old me just can't see this happening, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.... more than happy.
  7. can we start a thread titled "Brown shamelessly and publicly attempts to shaft the Armed Forces?" It would be a more truthful story then ... oh it has been done repeatedly.

    Small bribe to the Armed Forces seems more productive that the billions of bribes given to the New Labour faithful over the past 12 years.
  8. Start a thread called that? We should change the site name to that.

    But this is an obvious and blatant bribe. I am not suggesting people hand it back, but if you are going to buy votes - at least admit it, irrespective of who you are buying them from.
  9. From the Beeb.

    The problem is, that's a hell of a lot of public sector workers still getting the rise. The vast portion of PS workers are on buttons - particularly part-time low grade clerical/secretarial. Remember the Jobcentre workers striking because their salaries qualified them for Income Support?

    Are we indeed? MPs too? Consultants, executives and political hangers-on? My, my. I must just be getting cynical in my old age.

    Ooooh, scary. He might at some unspecified later stage think about doing something he's not prepared to reveal just yet if a vague criteria decided by persons currently unknown happen to be met.

    But then again might not. Depends.

    Political dross, the lot of them. Haven't these bastard politicians realised the jig is up? Or do they really hold us in such blatant contempt?
  10. Penny dropped there. They honestly all think of us as economic units to be used as they will. Gang of cnuts the lot of them.
  11. Never happen. Day one, when some poor well-meaning minister gets waved in front of the permanent secretary will sort that out.

    "I don't give a toss what you promised, you can't do it. Shouldn't have lied during the campaign then should you minister?"
  12. Just remind me, how many times did Gordon Brown mention the armed forces in his "tour de force" (yawn) conference speech??

    I do believe the art of politics is to appeal to people.
  13. So what have Labour been doing, sorry was that buying votes - no that can't be true, what Gordon a devious person, he can't be after all as he keeps telling us he is a son of the Manse!!!!
  14. I think come the next election you will find he has managed to buy very few votes. That isn't bribery. Its throwing good money after bad.
  15. He did, she did, they did it first, a big boy did it and ran away.

    Does it really matter, if all we'll achieve at the next election is changing the face that fronts ripping us off?