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Osama turns up at meeting in sydney

They probably tried but couldn't aim properly because they were p*ssing themselves at the sight of Dubya rolling around the floor in fear with a nest of dogs eggs in his kecks
looking at the map , its a good job pavarrottis dead to as the opra house is a no go area...
I see that the real Osama is the new face for Grecian 2000.


"The website also included a photograph, which appeared to show Bin Laden has aged compared with previous pictures - although his beard now looks dark rather than greying."

Maybe a new brand of deodorant -

'Dusty Murk'......for the cave dweller in you
So a few blacked out Saloons and 4x4s with suited and booted guys alongside (wearing shades always helps!) is the key to get straight through any checkpoints. :oops: