Osama Endorses Kerry

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by PTCrusader, Oct 29, 2004.

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  1. Osama's new video shows a man and a cause weak and running scared. You think if he had more than mouth, he wouldn't have used it by now to influence the election?


    The ratass muhfukcah is all but begging the American people not to return Dubya to office. Fukin' pathetic. If I hadn't already voted, I'd mark my ballot three times for the Texan witrh the big brass ones.

    Hey you miserable hogcocksucker. Call Terry McCauliff. He'd love you to make a Kerry commerical for him. Oh yeah. You just did. Big boomerang asshole. And this ain't Spain. And Dubya ain't Clinton.

    And our security is in the hands of the US Military and our allies. :twisted:
  2. So your not a Kerry supporter then ?
  3. Seems like it?
  4. Go kerry. Go kerry
  5. So Osama gets to influence the vote. As he attacks Bush y'all rally round and he gets re elected for sure now. How decent of Osama to send the video right now.What a coincidence eh.
    Fuckccing think were stupid doncha :roll:
  6. Perhaps Binny-Boy is actually trying to help GWB stay in as Bush is the best recruiting sergeant he could wish for?
  7. Top 10 Ways Osama Bin Laden Can Improve His Image

    10. There's no way he can improve his image. He's a murdering, soul-less asshole.










  8. 9. DIE of something nasty (Like Swine Fever)

    8. Rot in Hell (Or wherever they go to) Live on TV
  9. you mean it will backfire on Kerry?
  10. Hasn't Bin Laid is one of those kids at school has is a loser, but has friends because he has money and buys them drinks, lollies and pies at lunch.

    Osama is nothing but a loser with no friends who has been rejected by the majority of his family (the smart ones) and has turned to terrorism to make a few friends, the "Iron Sheik" is the real leader here and the real threat.

    How can you vote or support John Kerry. A man who lied about the appointment he held at a time and requested a Purple Heart for an injury that he caused out of his own stupidity.

    Kerry is a traitor who supported and assisted North Vietnam when our Diggers and the Yanks were over there fighting communism. As far as I'm concerned he's an accessory to countless murders and should be publicly drawn and quartered, failing that, a bit of Viking's revenge wouldn't go astray.

    A vote for Kerry is a vote for complacence and a world ruled by the U.N., who are just as big a bunch of *******.

    I mean, how can you support an old geeza with botox injections who looks like a dogs scrotom.
  11. Good post SMiller.

    Yes Kerry loves the UN. It'll all be even better when Clinton is the Secretary General. There is no secret he wants that job.
  12. Cheers Sig, I think Clinton would be perfect for the job. Just like the UN, Clinton cannot make difficult yet necessary decisions!
  13. what like fighting an unnesscary war badly ?Both tossers of the highest order dosent matter lawyers will decide who wins .
  14. No, they faught a necessary war but gave the wrong reasons for going in. Officially, they went in because Saddam had 'pipes' that could be used to enrich Uraniam. If they'd said they were going in to stop the regime and free the Iraqi people from a life of poverty and violence, there would have been more widespread support.

    Technically, you're wrong. The war was fought fantastically, the fastest armoured advance in recorded history (though not fast enough for the Journo's. But I don't go the butcher for financial advice so why would I look to a Journo for military advance?

    The problem was that Rumsfeld thought he was smarter than his Generals. He wanted to fight a 'lean war', saying that he could win the fight with a substantially smaller amount of troops than in '91, which is true. However, what didn't happen in '91 was an opportunity to keep the peace and you need a shitload more to keep the peace than to fight the battle. So, Rumsfeld was left with a win but a substantial loss at the same time.

    The problem they have is that they cannot fight a H&M campaign, they couldn't do it in Vietnam and they obviously still can't do it today. But then you look at some of the European forces in the area (and the Australians) to realise that you can make a difference through H&M work. Germans were handing out pamphlets celebrating some Moslem holiday, the kids were all smiles and the people were generally happier.

    We won Malaya by gaining the support of the majority of the locals and in turn, they gave us information. So why don't we try and do the same thing here?

    One of the major problems that we do face though, is Arabs. Call me racist but it's true. They've been living in a world were you gain things through force, and they are very aggressive people (some could call it passion) when you get on the wrong side of them. Not only that but they're trying move forward 500 years in 50 and it's going to take time.

    I've also heard several times that most people were expecting the problems to be fixed instantly. They weren't so people turn against the MNF and use violence, they retaliate, defending themselves with more violence which just insights even more violence! So it's a vicious bloody circle and I don't have a solution to that one.