Osama bin Laden 'revenge' attack kills 70 at Pakistan paramilitary base


In pictures: Pakistan bomb attacks
BBC News - In pictures: Pakistan bomb attacks

Two suicide bombers target training centre in north-west Pakistan in assault Taliban claim is 'first of many' acts of vengeance
A double bomb attack on a military training centre in north-west Pakistan has killed at least 70 people in the first militant riposte since US troops killed Osama bin Laden 12 days ago.

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing, which ripped through a crowd of recruits at the gates of a Frontier Corps base in Charsadda, 35 miles north of Peshawar.

"This is the retaliation for the killing of Osama bin Laden. Pakistani and US forces should be ready for more attacks," a Taliban spokesman told CNN.

Young recruits were boarding buses at the gates of the military academy at 6am on Friday, preparing to return home after a nine-month training course, when two suspected suicide bombers struck.

Some reports said the bombers were on motorbikes, others described a car. Two giant explosions shredded the white minivans, killing their occupants and scattering luggage across the market.
Osama bin Laden 'revenge' attack kills 70 at Pakistan paramilitary base | World news | guardian.co.uk
Well, if they, Pakistan, play at juggling live grenades then the odds are they are going to get hurt by one of them. At least.

Make a glass tank park of the place ffs!


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A proportionate and relevant response by adherents to the religion of peace.

If it's true (and it probably is) that elements within Pakistani society and government have been 'ambivalent' in their approach to Islamic terrorism then hopefully incidents like this will change their minds. I'm sure that ordinary Pakistanis will be revolted by the murder of these youngsters just as we are. Hopefully that revulsion will lead to demands that the government deal effectively with Talib/AQ and will drive a wedge between the terrorists and the people.
rip to the dead.
cnuts can't even do targetting properly going after the ISI's head shed would make sense this is just killing grunts who probably agree with them:(
Well said BA.
The first of many savage revenge attacks i should not wonder and you have to ask yourself was it all worth it?
I fear not.

You have to go for tea and cakes with AQ (literary) and negotiate a mutual satisfactory deal to stop all this perpetual killing.

Their are no realistic better idea's.

That might even prove to be the perfect excuse for the West to get out of Afghan!
So if OBL hadn't been killed this attack wouldn't have happened? Bullshit, they (be they Taliban, AQ etc) would have been planning this attack for a fair while and claiming they did it for their old chum OBL is a conveniant excuse for the fact that they're mass murdering sociopaths who will happily climb over the bodies of thousands of dead (mostly their fellow countrymen as well as fellow Muslims) to appease some mystical being that doesn't ****ing exist. Watching the locals being interviewed sickened me as they blamed it purely on the Americans rather than actually looking to confront the cnuts, who in all likelihood were fellow Pakistani's born and bred, who carried out the attack. The third world's default setting of its someone elses fault whenever shit happens probably contributes far more to why most of them are in the same state if not worse than they were fifty years ago.


Why do we call it a revenge attack? Would it not be what they would happily have planned and done anyway? Is every attack now going to be a revenge attack or at what point do they stop benig revenge attacks and AQ resume normal business, satified in the knowledge that his death has been revenged? Sorry, but its just a meaningless media buzzword that pisses me right off. Rant over.

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