Osama Bin Laden is in Pakistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Jun 11, 2009.

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  2. erm, i always assumed he was already dead as there hasn't been any recent video footage of him for ages. which is odd as he's iconic for fundies and a brilliant propaganda tool.

    but hey, what do i know, not much i tell ye
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Thread = useless.

    Very, very obvious, if he is alive. Slow news day at Sky then?
  4. No he is not. I saw him walking about in Salisbury Tesco's the other day...........Honest.

    He got off Shergah and was chatting to Elvis on his Mobile (sorry Sat phone) about going to a party in London!

    True story
  5. Isn't he head of the organisation that insisted that Saddam had chemical ballistic missiles that endangered the entire world and were about to be fired unless we went in, had him executed and took his oil? Not a good track record so far. Boy who cried wolf and all that....

    But...of course Bin Liner is in Pakistan - it's not like the son of a Saudi billionaire would risk roughing it in Afghanistan when things are going rough. He fled to Pakistan years ago. Propaganda is one thing, but he's keener on creature comforts off-camera than Bear "Bacon" Grylls!
  6. must be mate as sky put it as breaking news :wink:
  7. Pakistan? He´ll be in Bradford by now then.
  8. It's confirmed. Just read it on the Sun website!
  9. Right, lads. Comb everywhere except Pakistan for the bugger, then.

    Not exactly the most proven reliable source, after all.
  10. Me and my mate ahmed were talking today... we reckon OBL may be a muslim as well..... do you think we should tell the CIA?

  11. Perhaps and that's why we were so nice to Mushie and the ISI while they were vigorously supporting the Taliban. Makes Chamberlain in Munich look overly assertive.

    Bloody golden goose for the Pak army. I doubt they'd hand over the lanky fecker even for Saudi gelt. Pak brass trousered a few billion in aid from DC thanks to him. There are rumors BL died of natural causes a few years back and they have been keeping it quiet. I would not put it past them, either keeping stum or seeding the rumors.
  12. I thought stewie griffin took him out with a rubber chicken???? you mean family guys not real??? arrrrrrrr my life is over!! :D
  13. I think you'll find he has had a sex change and is now called Hayley and working in a Fish & Chip shop in Dorking.