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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dirtyfilthymech, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody use any of these products, Im thinking of buying one. Can you print out the Bits you need unlimited times? and change size between A3/A4?


  2. I use it but very rarely bother to print it out as I normally carry a netbook loaded with Anquet, but I think its great no problem with useing my Satnav pluged into it and when you run it at the same time as Google Earth you can switch back and forth giving a really good idea of the ground, Yes you can do both functions you ask about
  3. Thanks T66, I think i'll purchase.
  4. I didnt buy it, I nicked it off MGmaniac when he left his laptop in the pub
  5. I use Memory Map and have found it very useful. There is a little app. in the software that allows you to move the map in relation to the sun at that time of day; that saved me from buying a house that would have been in stygian gloom for most of the day :lol:

    Memory Map LINK
  6. I normaly carry a Netbook, Mobile phone/ camera all the time now as the whole lot only weighs in at just over a Kilo, but gives me such a great Nav,com,record of what I am doing from hillwalking, fishing to walking the dog, it never ceases to amaze me that with modern WIFi tech I can be online just about anywhere, when I think of the rubbish kit we had way back in the 60s,Christ I trained on the sun compass and theodalite in North Africa when if you were within 5 miles of your true position it was considered good navigation, on one trip we were about 40 miles north ( less than one degree error) of our plotted location in fact the only way we found this out was when we hit the River Nile and then drove along the river road for about an hour longer than expected, ahhh great days lost in the dessert
  7. Memory Map is very good. I use it all the time for walking and have the OS maps on it.
    Rather expensive to buy though...
  8. Memory map is fairly good but pricey. Ordnance Survey limitations prevent you from printing larger than A4 size though.

    I have been told that there are certain places on the internet where you can obtain said program and mapping with the ability to print larger than A4...
  9. Pray tell....
  10. If you're MOD, you should be able to get access to GEODE/Terrier.
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