Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by simpleton66, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Ok im going off to jungle Belize in a couple of weeks with this charity.
    A person who did it last year proclaimed that "ortlieb are shit"! and they let all the water in
    Are they actually that bad? Ive got4 PD350 types, going to double bag.
    Is this wise? Just wondering after he slandered them so much!
    Or was he just a fcuktard who couldn't use them

    EDIT to add also which way do you roll it down, theres that strip of black plastic which way does it go. Does it fold oiver the opening or the other way?
  2. I spent some of my gap year in fiji, where the conditions would be similar to Belize, and had an ortlieb in my bergan. It stopped all the stuff inside it from rotting, due to firstly humidity, and then also huge amounts of rainfall. The idiot probably didn't know how to do it up properly. If using to cross rivers etc. ensure there is enough excess space at the top for a good few extra roll-downs just to make sure of water proofing.
  3. Never had any problems with mine and some of them are close to retirement (10 years +) used them on river crossing etc and for paddling and open boating never had a drop get in, on the flip side though if you are still worried by it look at the mountain equipment ones lightweight with a purge valve to get the excess air out orange though !
  4. ive not had a problem either! i have a different brand bergan liner which does the trick. its slightly thicker than the ortlieb one so is a little harder to roll.

    Ive seen some people tying cord around the top of the bag as well as rolling it, for extra security. as long as you allow enough material for a few rolls its fine.
  5. Cool cheers, trust you more than this soap dodger!
    Which way do you fold it down, there's that strip of black hard plastic, does it go fold over the entrance or the other way.
  6. He is talking out of his arrse mate. Roll with the strip on the inside. Good enough for the SF lads,good enough for me so no doubt good enough for you.Tell your soap dodger mucker to ram it. ! Enjoy your trip mate.
  7. i've always rolled into the strip ie
    plastic strip on outside edge and roll away from you,
    i normally put in as many turns as i can
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Black plastic in . It is pretty obvious anyway.

    The time you will get leaks with Ortliebs if you put too much in them and don't fold them down enough.

    Have fun in the jungle - great place for an exercise.

    Edited once. One day I'll learn to spell.....
  9. A great piece of kit ! Used them in my Bergan all the time. River crossings, Rain Forrests your kit will be bone dry in one of these Ortlieb"s . Just make sure you roll it down correctly with the strip on the inside as said before.

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  10. The black canoe sacks from Ortlieb are great 100% waterproof if sealed correctly!
    The smaller see through 'Notebook' Ortlieb bags/Map cases however are a different story! these are waterproof to a degree, however when doing a river crossing in Brunei they are 'Utterly utterly useless'
    Hope this helps.
  11. Ortileb works, just like it says on the label "Waterproof Rucksack liner"

  12. How do you seal it correctly?
    Sorry for this mong question but i tried a few times and sometimes i get leaks.
    Which way do you pull the clips round? Im obviously just fcuking up doing this
  13. I roll mine so as the clips keep it rolled, if that makes sence? That is I roll the end over, and half a twist to each clip then snap together, this puts a bit a pressure against the roll and holds fine. I could be wrong but I've never had a leak in years. I have a big yellow holdall of theirs too, same again no leaks even after being left outside in torrential rain for 3 days.
  14. In 5 easy steps:

    1. Put your kit in the bag
    2. Squeeze out as much excess air as you can (this takes a little practice)
    3. Pull the top together and roll tightly around the plastic strip. Put in as many rolls as you can, but this should be at least 3 or 4. Obviously check that none of your kit is caught in the folds.
    4. Clip the clips together
    5. Bob's your uncle

    Used ortliebs for a few years; they're great pieces of kit. The trick is to remember not to over-fill them, you need to leave room for your extra turns. Double bagging is unnecessary IMHO.

    Have a good trip,
  15. I am getting leaks at the ends, when i clip the clips together.
    No matter how many rolls i put in or how tightly i do it....agh