Ortlieb Map case?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jack04040, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. Any one have any ideas how to get lumi pens off these, drew all over mine on ex (boundaries etc.) and now i think it may be fooked, have tried nail varnish etc but to no avail, anyone with any ideas?
  2. Petrol sometimes does the trick. But do not make the mistake I did of lighting up a cigar near it straight afterwards - lost most of my eyebrows.
  3. CHeap aftershave
  4. Hedgie,

    do you have any other type of aftershave?

  5. Use Chinagraph pencils.
  6. Heard you can draw over the permanent marker with dry-wipe whiteboard markers and then it all comes off as normal. If not just try to position any new maps you put in it, in line with the exercise boundaries you've been given. :D Adapt and overcome.
  7. Buy ten seal bags for £1.50 before going on exercise. Worked for me!
  8. Nothing will get them off the map case, i did it to mine and fooked it!
  9. Only if you want to look like the the biggest sack of shoite in NATO :roll:
  10. Instead of nail varnish why don't you try nail varnish remover?
  11. buy a new one and learn the lesson for next time.
  12. Yeah - How dare I not go out and spend £20 on a map case to ensure that I "Look good" :roll:

    Tell you what, you look the part on your way, I'll be the part at my destination.
  13. but with a pisspoor "mapcase" you'll probably end up apart from your destination.