Ortlieb Bags

Right then chaps, any advice on where to pick up Ortlieb bags from? Cheapest but best is desireable!

I find that entering Ortlieb bags in Google seems to work quite well! :D
misterp said:
i got mine in a camping shop that offered mod90 discount might have been millets or blacks can't remember which!
Thats what I was looking for. Thanks for the help matelot, you tosser :D .

Any ideas on specific shops people?
Ortlieb dry bags come in a variety of sizes. IIRC:

Small/13L Perfect for lining the Rocket Pockets on your Bergen.

Medium/35L Good as a Daysack/Patrol Sack liner.

Large/109L Designed as a liner for the main body of your Bergen.

All available and competitively priced at RVOps.

Sealine also do a 13L see-through dry bag which I have found to be most useful to store spare clothing as you can see what you are searching for.
Blacks do the MOD90 discount.. although if you're out but still talk the talk and ask REAALLLLLLYYYY nicely and havent got your MOD90 then they still let you have the discount...(worked for me ! :) )
You can demand them now, the NSN was in Kit Magazine two issues ago IIRC.

I have a bright Yellow one in my Bergan. Mainly because I bought it for civvie use.

To answer the inevitable question "but it's not tactical" (you know the liner that inside your DPM bergan, that you wouldn't go into if it wasn't safe to do so) I reply. Ahhhh, but when I need to bring a heli in, I pull it out of my bergan, and voila instant bergan sized heli marker. With no extra weight.

Funny thing is, some of our "warriors" are now purchasing Red and Yellow canoe bags for this very purpose!!!!

Thanks to Sparks_Fly:

8465-99-869-5047 Canoe Bag Small
8465-99-869-5048 Canoe Bag Large

See useful NSNs thread for loads more kit we all know exists, but we'll never get for free.....

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