Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crashdummy, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Hello all, it's been a while since I've posted on here, and a fair bit has happened since.

    Passed my briefing thanks to the help I got on here, so I'm back for more!

    This time, I need help regarding the use and cost of orthotic inserts. Not soft inserts such as Sorbathanes, which I already use, but solid plastic inserts.

    I've just been to a reccomended chiropodist in my area, who has explained why I've been suffering from mild shinsplints and occasional knee pain. Apparently my feet don't sit propely on the ground, but slouch inwards.

    I'm no doctor and won't pretend to be, but he explained how that knackers me and does the damage it does.

    I'm quite seasoned now, a lot fitter than I was when I first posted on here, so overtraining really isn't the problem here. I know my limits.

    However, the inserts he reccomended were very expensive, to the tune of £400 plus casting fees. This I simply can't afford, at least not for a year or so!

    So I desperately need advice from you chaps in the know, what kind of difference does all this money make? I don't doubt the effectiveness of orthotics, but what's the difference between this £400 set, and an £80 set out of Scholl on the high street?

    Both are apparently custom made. Will I be able to notice a difference? Has anyone been in my situation and gone with Scholl? Should I do the same, or go with a normal chiropodist, for 3 times the cost minimum?

    I'm losing a considerable amount of training time nursing my bloody feet, and it's extremely frustrating. Ideally I'd love to go to Scholl tomorrow, have these orthotics sometime this week, and hit the running tracks even harder!

    Many thanks for all replies, if you feel you might have a snippet of relevant knowledge, please chip in!
  2. In my opinion there is no substitute to custom made, moulded orthotics. I have just been treated for a similar condition as yourself and was in a good deal of pain every time i ran or walked long distances.

    Unfortunately in my current post there is no funding other than for something that would put a third world country to shame. I managed to see a very good podiatrist in Australia (chief podiatrist for the Commonwealth Games) whilst on holiday and he managed to mould and create my orthotics over a one week period. This came in at A$600 all inclusive.

    I am now able to run pain free and feel very comfortable when walking or training over long distances. I would take them over high street purchased or soft moulded inserts anytime.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Hi mate

    Before you spend that kind of money try theese only £22 i've got a pair in my trainers (sports ones) and a pair of the general in one pair of boots


    Hope this helps .. oh you can get them fromm Boots the chemist

    Good luck mate
  4. Super feet green.
    Available off the shelf at field and trek for 25-30 quid.

    Only draw back is your feet feel comfier with them so you end up buying a set for each typr of foot wear you have

    Any decent outdoor shop with a good boot department are worth talking to. some of the bigger chains have people trained up on their uses and basic fitting. They want people to come back and buy stuff so they info is normally pretty good
  5. Try the custom moulded insoles from altberg, i've had similar problems and since getting a pair th pain has stopped.
  6. I've always suffered with this. All the custom made orthotics I've tried have been cr4p, some have made it worse and some just fell to bits.

    Try these:
    Spenco (about £25) before you spend a fortune. I can walk all day in a pair of the old Combat Highs with a pair of these in them and the right socks.

    Hope this helps.

    Ex STAB
  7. I can't believe the costs quoted so far. After suffering from pain over the balls of both feet I went to see my GP. He refered me to a podiatrist at my local hospital. The chap there assessed me and then sent me to see another podiatrist in the same department who specialised in bio-mechanics. I can't remember the name of the condition I was diagnosed with but moulded insoles were the answer and all it cost was £60 (made by Parker-Nicols in Sheffield). That was 7 years ago and I wear the insoles all day every at work and they are very good. I'm now 40 and can still run, play football and go hill walking and have avoided the need for surgery.
  8. Or....get yourself down yr med/rehab centre and get some for FREE.....all manner of insoles (Sorbothane included!!)
  9. I don't see the army giving me free stuff when I'm not in yet, somehow:(
  10. I'm a constant sufferer of shin pain and it plagued me from start to finish at Sandhurst, so I'd recommend trying a couple of the cheaper options at first and then if you have to, fork out the money, it'll be worth it. I was, eventually, made a pair of orthotics at Sandhurst in week.......34, I think. They made a small difference, espcially as it was a tabbing heavy term.
  11. Alright lads.

    Just so the next guy who has this problem knows what to do, I got a set of ready made orthotics from Scholl for £75. It turns out the first set given to me helped were slightly too big, so they helped but some pain still existed.

    I went back and got refitted by someone with a clue, and have been training 6 days a week since with no problems whatsoever.

    Many thanks for all the advice!
  12. I have not read the other answers on this topic yet I will tell you what I know. 'Shinsplints' is a made up term used to describe the pain in your shins and ankles caused when beginning battle marches or runs in general.

    Do not waste your money on expensive inserts. All of your problem is in your mind. Look- you either want to pass your course or you don't. The fact remains the pain is real for every bloke around you. Block it off press on, drive onwards and settle into your stride. Don't look to the outside to find a product to get you through.

    Reach inside and give yourself a good talking to. If you want to pass your course or any other course you do-the will has to come from inside you. So don't be a pussy about this, get a grip, crack on and just fcking do it. Like the men before you and after you have done and will do.

    Find the drive and press on fck the pain. Block it and move on-focus your mind on the benefits of your own success not the pain and failure.
    Now best wishes and crack on.
  13. I think you'll find that the problem is in the shins, otherwise they would have called it headsplints! chopper
  14. I'm sure this was well intended - and it does have some good advice about motivation - , but if anybody has a medical problem, please don't just assume it is all in your mind.