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Orthapedic triage

After yet another fun-filled trip to my physio I'm now being referred to an orthapedic triage person over a shoulder injury. Has anyone got any experience of these? I did my right shoulder in 19 months ago, probably tearing muscles, it's caused my back and neck to go bad and I've lost a lot of strength in my shoulder. I'm quite lucky I don't have a girlfriend at the moment or things could get embarrassing :oops:

I've been trying hard with posture and doing set exercises and I ran a half marathon 2 days ago (it hurt) but it's still not better, or even getting close. Whenever I move my shoulder everything around my shoulder blade cracks, crunches, munches and any other body sound you can imagine. Has anyone got any suggestions other than give up and find the nearest bridge with stone-ankle-weight accesories?

edited once to explain that I'm a spelling mong with a pointyhead and any mis-spellings on my part can be put down to inbreeding and ibuprofen

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