Orphans of Travian

Over the last few months, a lot of you guys have been playing Travian which has been fun but to my mind a little slow :( . I have found a browser game that is far more interesting and more hands on called Dark Orbit :D .
Its a shoot em up kill the Chavs game that needs the touch of the hairy ARRSED squaddy :wink: . It takes time and patients to get going :evil: but it is fun. If anyone is remotely interested go to http://gb1.darkorbit.com/indexInternal.es?action=internalLogout&sid=f0728e341a2fcb39dc74442497d4eb1f and register,select Venus and go to clan Tip Rat. It can be very frustrating to start with but once you grasp the basics, it is very addictive.
Anyone who may be interested go to the website or PM Dogdrool and we can show the Chavs how a disciplined organisation can work

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