"Orphan of Islam" Out 05/07/2012 "HarperCollins"

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by AirbornePashtun, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. ‘Orphan of Islam’ will be published by ‘HarperCollins’ Out on the 5th July 2012.

    Served 8 years as a ‘Paratrooper’ within an ‘Elite’ regiment of the British Army.

    Before I joined the British Army, I had many death threats made against me for joining. -“You are our Muslim brother” I was told, “why do you want to serve with the Kaffir, or "non-believer".

    I was born in the UK to a Pakistani father and an English mother. I spent my early years as a Muslim in the north of England. But at the age of three my family was torn apart when my father took me to a village between the borders of Afghanistan and North West Pakistan.

    Despite my desperate cries, that was the last I saw of my mother (My beautiful English mother) I was told she had walked out and abandoned me; many years later I learned she was told I’d died in a car crash in North West - Pakistan.

    Three years on I was brought back to England, but kept hidden at all times. My father disappears to Pakistan again, leaving me in the care of my stepmother and her cruel brother. And it is then that my troubles really begin. Seen as an outsider by both the white kids and the Pakistani kids, I feel lost and alone.

    When my father dies unexpectedly, I’m sent back to Pakistan to stay with my ‘family’ and learn to behave like a ‘good Muslim’. Now alone in a strange, hostile country, with nobody to protect me, I realises what it is to be truly orphaned. No one would listen. No one would help. And no one cared when I was kidnapped by men from my own family and sent to a fundamentalist Madrassa on the Afghanistan border.

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  3. So long as you not related to AK or his "cousin"... Why don't you give us a teaser exclusively for ARRSE?
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  6. @ Viceroy - "AK" never heard of the C....,

    July 1988. Haqqania Madrassa, North West Pakistan.

    The mullah bends down, his long grey-black beard brushing against my feet as he unlocks the leg brace. I've been standing rigid in it for at least three hours, unable to sit, kneel or even squat for fear of snapping my ankles. I could cry with relief but I'm too frightened to cry.

    The question goes through my mind, the same question that nags me night and day.

    How the hell have I ended up here? An ordinary lad from Lancashire stuck in some kind of weird medieval fairy story, but with no sign of a happy ending.

    It is summer 1988. Back home in England, my mates are secretly listening to Bros or Guns n' Roses in their bedrooms, hoping their dads wouldn't catch them and send them for an extra session of prayer at the mosque. This is as bad as life gets for them; why have I been singled out for such harsh punishment, so far from home? What have I done to deserve this.

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  7. You'll find we call them ***** on here, or cnuts if you prefer!
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  12. Having bought this book and you have now found your mum, is there a follow on book ?
  13. @BudF Thanks for taking time to read "Orphan of Islam" Yes, I'm working on the follow up at the moment which will mainly cover my on-going struggle and my time in the Forces. Hope you enjoyed reading it.. Regards
  14. My life story "Orphan of Islam" is also out NOW in Australia & Canada. I try to explain how life was in North-West England, and what life is like in North West Frontier province of Pakistan..........
  15. Think I'll pick it up for a read..