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I'm looking at taking the family to Orlando next year (April) and wondered if anyone on here could recommend a villa/website? I've been on Moneysavingexpert.com but wondered if anyone knew of any military discounts or had any recommendations?

yes mate DJW Flights and Rental - Homepage
No discounts as such but prices are good choice great and they can arrange flights cars tickets etc

I have used them 3 times and they are first rate.

They have locally based management agents ---we were over there when the 911 attacks took place and they helped no end.
Yeah I noticed the spelling mistake & then when i edited the post it wouldn't change the title. Must check before posting!
There was talk of mil discounts a couple of years ago, for universal and disney, sea world as well I think. My missis booked all the tickets before I found out about the discounts though.

We got a "go orlando" card, that was really handy for entertaining the kids, crazy gold, gatorworld, fan boat rides, you name it.

We stayed at a villa in the Windsor hills area, really nice villa, big pool jacuzzi etc etc.
I live near Mouse World, before that we used to come on holiday here most years.


Those in the know who come here regularly use Thomsen .... best deal you can get to Sanford just north of Orlando.

Thomson Flights – all the assurances and service you’ve come to expect from Thomson - Flights

BIG TIP FOR FLIGHTS: Orlando is a holiday destination, they have you by the balls if you want to do the Disney experience so flights direct to Orlando are expensive. However, pay attention now, if you fly from the UK to, say, Philadelphia or Boston, then get a separatly booked flight from there to Orlando it can be mucho cheaper.....last time I did it as a family we saved 1200.00 on 4 seats. Check out Orbitz both for flights from the UK and within the USA

Orbitz Travel: Airline Tickets, Cheap Hotels, Car Rentals, Vacations & Cruises

Villa rental:

Depends on how much you want to spend, but 500.00/600.00 a week should get you a 3/4 bed villa with a pool.

Vacation Rentals .com - Vacation Homes, Beach Houses, Vacation Rentals Deals, Last Minute Vacation Rentals, Vacation Discounts, Villas, Condo Rentals, Cabin Rentals

VRBO® is Vacation Rentals By Owner

Car hire:

There is only one, I have never found a better deal than their gold package ........... ok so I lie, a little ............ but after time and having used these to hire cars for me around the world I know they are reliable.

Car Hire 3000 - Book cheap car hire | Car rental online

Medical insurance:

You need medical insurance, a visit to the GP here costs $100.00. A trip to the hospital requires a small mortgage.

Attractions discounts:

This depends on the time of year etc, etc. It is worth you emailing disney, Universal studios and sea world to see what they may be offering.

Also check ticket prices, it is sometimes cheaper to buy an annual ticket than it is to pay for 2 or more entries to a park.

Time of year to visit:

Stay away from the peak holiday times. I once did a calculation based on waiting time at Disney - during peak season, with wife and kids in tow, you can expect to do around 6 or 7 rides during a 10 hopur day at Disney. During the off-peak me and the daughter get off the ride run around and get straight back on.

Off peak is just after New year when schools have gone back until about beginning of March. Then forget it till a week after easter (check when the septic spring break holiday is for 2012) has finished. Then its quiet again till mid May when the septic school hols start. You forget anything then until after the Labor day holiday in September, then its quiet until around first week of December.

The biggest mistake most euroland people make is coming here for their summer hols. May - Nov is hurricane season, rainy season with temperatures in the 90's and a 85%+ humidity.......its a killer if you are not used to it. I regularly see lots of english footie shirt wearing sunburnt mongs suffering from dehydration and hangovers crawling throiugh Orlando and I mean crawling. You need to be drinking a gallon of water a day, forget the booze even the locals don't get shitfaced because of the heat.

My advice is come here late Jan/Feb/Mar, after easter until the start of May and Oct/Nov/early Dec.

We few last time with Delta and stopped over for a few hours saving £1k on a family of 5.Suggest stopping over at somewhere like Atlanta.

Villas Holiday Villas® Official Site: Disney / Orlando area villa resort--condo vacation rentals near all theme parks

We have used these for three holidays,brilliant service,would use them again.

Book the car with Dollar before you leave the uk to get all the benefits and get a package to save getting saddled with all the extras.Park tickets in the UK from attraction tickets

Disney Tickets, SeaWorld Tickets, Universal Studios® Tickets, Orlando FlexTickets™ and more | Attraction Tickets Direct.

However I'm not a travel agent,this worked for us :)
Car hire edit: I stated above that I recommend carhire 3000. I have honestly to find better, there may be a couple of quid in it either way sometimes between them and other agencies but they are good to go with. Whatever option you go with make sure that you have all the options you want booked and paid for in the UK before departure. Adding to a booking in the USA will be charged to you at local rates which are 'spensive. I always go for the gold option as it is use and forget, fully comp with a free tank of juice thrown in.........just drop it back at the airport, leave the keys in it and walk away.

The agent will try to add things to your booking at the counter - bigger car, more insurance, lost key insurance etc, etc. Be aware they pull in 30% commission so they will try it on.

They may also try to get you to upgrade to a bigger car and be a little bit more pushy. This generally means that they don't have what you ordered and rather than give you a free upgrade they try to get you to pay for it ................ so they get their 30% commission.

If you need a kiddy seat for the car you are better off buying one in walmart for the duration and just abandoning it in the car when you leave. Its cheaper.

If you need a GPS don't hire one just get the SE mapping USA software uploaded onto yours or onto an iphone.

Be aware they drive like ferkin Italians here in Florida. My driving test here took 8 minutes around the car park of the licensing centre - I shit thee not. The lack of driver training and roadmanship shows in the level of accidents they have here.

Speed traps: Do not speed, 10mph over the limit is accepted in most cases, but anymore than that and Deputy Dawg will be on you - Orlando and surrounding area is well known as a speed trap. Plod here drives loads of marked cars and the unmarked ones tend to be Dodge Chargers or Ford Explorers.

Food shopping for your stay: Walmart is for Hillbillies, ok for basics but thats it. Publix and Winn Dixie provide better options and is a tad more like Waitrose/Tesco. Publix have and ethnic foods section that sells things like HP sauce, Heinz beans, rich tea biscuits and Brit chocy bars .... which oddly the septics love if they ever try them and then never go back to Hersheys again.
Effendi if you are down Tampa way any time give me a shout and we can try getting a decent pint.


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I'm looking at taking the family to Orlando next year (April) and wondered if anyone on here could recommend a villa/website? I've been on Moneysavingexpert.com but wondered if anyone knew of any military discounts or had any recommendations?

Cant help you. Orlando is a ******* shithole and full of children. I ******* hate children almost as much as I hate the ******* Welsh. Sheep shagging dwarves.

The Welsh. Not children. Obviously. Unless someone has something they would care to share with the group?

Heres the deal. A chum of mine was once in the Army. He wore a squashed red hat with what appear to be RAF wings on it. So I assume he was in the RAF. One hates to pry.

So one night we are cracking on about cnuts who bat on about their time in the army and how ******* naff it is to wear a regimental T shirt when out. And my chum says "Except when I go to Disney World". He goes once a year with Doris and sprogs. Wearing his regimental T shirt.

The Septics go bonkers about anything military. Tying yellow ribbons about things and clapping as a bunch of cnuts in uniform breeze to the front of any queue. Creepy bastards.

According to my chum, his regimental T shirt has got him and his family free meals, invitations to BBQ's, free get-ins to places, bought drinks in bars... all sorts.

Personally I prefer Miami and the west coast of Florida, five star plus with adequate security so I do not have to talk to Septics beyond what is strictly necessary. But yeah, wear a naff regimental T shirt and you'll be quids in.


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To add to that -ask for discounts everywhere. Don't be embarrassed. Every Yank is on it and they always do military discounts. Hotels, restaurants, car hire.

If you're going to Disneyland with young children DON'T go to the animal one - it's like a shitty zoo, with less animals and less space. DO ask to ride in the driver's cabin on the monorail that takes you round the disney site. It's a great view and the children will love it.

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