Origins of the Egg Banjo....

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Biscuits_AB, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. The 'egg banjo'. Probably the only true British thing in todays British Army.
  2. Which is ironic, as it's an Indian invention....
  3. The Earl of Banjo [Sandwich] was an Indian????
  4. No , I think the ambrosia specifically entitled "Egg Banjo" is an Indian invention. Asked Dad about this, and the first time he ever had one in the Army , was when he got to India in early 45. George McDonald Fraser also remarks in "Quartered safe out here" about Egg Banjos from the Deolali? canteen. Maybe someone out there knows the specific reference.
  5. I demand proof!!!!!

    'The Earl of Banjo'.........LOLOLOL. Brilliant!!!
  6. Don't know about proof Biscuits, but can provide histroical reference about Egg Banjo's being served East of Suez :)

    Actually, there are a lot of Malaysian references to Egg Banjo's too. It seems the most perfect way to cook the egg for an egg banjo, is in fact in a wok or balti type metal bowl?
  7. True. I have been served egg banjos by charwallahs in Malaya, HongKong, Borneo, Bahrain and Singapore. Got a piccy somewhere of Naafi break at the charwallahs on Meerut Sq in Nee Soon Garrison, actually eating one!
  8. Get it in the "Family Military photos" bit of the Military History forum then Exile!

    Actually, if you could submit any photos of your time "Out East" it would be appreciated :)

    (Yes I will split the topic presently)
  9. The things you learn on this site! There should be a seperate thread for all of this :lol:
  10. and now there is :)

    So where did everyone have their first Military Egg banjo , maybe we can trace the origins from there?
  11. I originate from London............which I admit is now not much different to India.
  12. Right.

    Why is it called an Egg Banjo? Picture your first bite, two-handed, of cousre. The yolk naturally drips down onto your shirt. The left hand retains the sandwich, moves it away from the torso. The right hand flicks it off the abdomen.... now, picture that....

    I laughed my socks off when I was told that by Gunny S.....
  13. An egg banjo isn't an egg banjo without black fingerprints on it!
  14. Egg banjoes and Everything Burgger from the Gollyshop in Aldergrove.
    One of the Inf Battalions came back from Cyprus ? early 70's and brought their Gollyshop with them He set up shop despite Naffia ravings and it was mavelous 24 hrs a day service, no matter what time of morning you just kicked the guy up and he 'cheerfully' turned out your desire.
  15. From whence The Messiah of all that is culinary came, one is of course curious but cares not, I have not ten minutes ago constructed a 3 tier "KING BANJO" with toasted bread and japeno sauce, surely the food of kings, forking hot tho lol