Origins of the 1st R.Anglians nickname Vikings

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by cdo_gunner, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. I know why but does anyone know when the nickname 'Vikings' first came into use for 1st Btl. Royal Anglians or one of it's predecessors? Is it a modern thing conjured up after the amalgamation of the Norfolks and Suffolks?
  2. From the Royal Anglian Regiment Museum website:

    The 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment are called 'The Vikings', which reflects the influence of the Nordic warriors on the eastern part of the regimental area from which soldiers are recruited.
  3. Don't recall either the Norfolks or the Suffolks being nicknamed Vikings or the 1st East Anglians come to that. DO remember The Pompadours though and The Poachers.
  4. The Royal Norfolk's nickname was the "Holy Boys" from their Britannia badge and the Suffolk's were "The Old Dozen," their old line number.
  5. Right then so it's a modern nickname post-amalgamation and not one inherited like the poachers and pompadours?
  6. so the nickname comes about because their forebears lost to an invading force. That would be like calling the Royal Jersey Militia "the Germans"! :p
  7. Were the 1st East Anglian Regiment called "the Vikings" too?
  8. Probably something to do with the growths from the heads of the locals in that area resembling Viking Helmets! :p :p :p :p

    "Oi Carnt Reed an Oi carnt roite but Oi carn droive a trarcter!"
  9. All the shires the Anglians recruit from have a Danish/Viking link when they formed part of the (Southern) Danelaw 884 -> 1120??.

    Didn't the 54 (East Anglian) division in WW2 have a viking emblem (as did 54 (Eastern) bde)

    It seems to be the wrong way around, I mean The Vikings should be anglians, the regt Vikings
  10. No mate, if it was based on physical characteristics they'd be known as the "duckfoots" :D
  11. Or the "six-fingers"...