Origins of Staff Quartermaster Sergeant

Discussion in 'RLC' started by stinker, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. Was there a Staff QMS? Squadron QMS (or CQMS) I've heard of. Staff Sergeants were part of the staff of a British army regiment and paid at that level rather than as a member of a battalion or company and had SQMS (CQMS) as an appointment, not a rank. Must admit, never heard the appointment Staff QMS.
  2. Stinker,

    Try the RLC Museum.

  3. Andrew Robertshawe is the curator - without doubt the most helpful person you'll ever meet. He also gives one of the best lectures on military leadership from C15 to modern day.

    The Royal Logistic Corps Museum - Official Site
  4. Unfortunately most people see WO2(SQMS) as Squadron QMS. It is correctly Staff QMS. Similarly WO1(SSM) is Staff Sgt Major and not Squadron.

    I always found it massively insulting if people referred to me as SQ or if subordinates called me Q without permission. Even some officers struggle with the Q thing.
  5. I was walking through Sennelager or Paderborn, i don't recall exactly which, with one of your AT SNCO brethren when a passing infantryman turned to my accomplish with a greeting of "alreet chef, do you know where the cookhouse is" or words to that effect...

    Cue much merriment from me and a little education for him...apparently he thought the "A" badge meant "A Trade" or something along those lines!!
  6. I am not suprised, as with most things in the RLC (including Conductor and Staff Sgt Major), anomalies are lost in the haze of truck exhaust.

    Thanks for the affirmation that I was correct, I was doubting myself after exbleeps post. Hope things are going as well as can be expected in rehab.

    Pse excuse my myopia, but I can't see the reference to SQMS (Staff QMS). I included the same ref/site on my OP, as I couldn't see it then either.

    Looking at the similar threads below, this inquiry was in 2008. Was Gremlins answer in response to a similar thread peem?

    Thanks to all for your help so far, looks like I may be contacting the RLC museum curator (cheers Danny).
  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer


    E mail/PM Mike_2817 he is quite the historian and font of all knowledge.
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Aye, Mike_2817 or Andy at the Corps museum are the best bet.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have to confess to being one of those who gets confused. Part of the problem is same badge different titles and even same badge, rank and appointment but different address not forgetting different badge same title. Confused?

    I was slightly surprised to hear the RSM of the London Regiment (who is a Scots Guardsman) being addressed as Sarn't Major by the officers. I'd normally expect an RSM to be called RSM (or Mr...) and a WOII s or CSM to be Sarn't Major. Then you've got all the 'Q' types in the RAPTC and SASC and whatever the AGC types are called. Then there are the Cav Staff Sergeants who are called Sergeant Major and may or may not have a Drum Major type badge - and of course that's not forgetting the bands....

    Confused. Too right. Fortunately I'm not to proud to ask.
  10. Thanks guys, totally forgot about Mike_2817, have PM'd him hopefully I'll get a response, museum curator next stop if not.