Discussion in 'RLC' started by shootingchef388, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody out there shed any light on the origins of Mr Vice.

    I am PMC of our Sgts' Mess and would like to be able to explain some of the history and tradition that comes with appointment as Mr/Madam Vice when I appoint our junior Sgt for the next Regimental Dinner.

    Not after duties/toasts etc just some of the history.

    Any genuine help is welcomed many thanks
  2. If memory serves me correctly the name vice comes from his/her position on the mess committee as Vice President (to the PMC). Saw this written down somewhere in an old set of mess rules (but can't remember what mess I was at...must be all the port). Hope this helps (a bit). By the way,have you tried google?
    M :?
  3. I prefer the idea of Madamme Vice - a bit like Cynthia Payne but younger and less of a chubster!
  4. Less of a chubster? You haven't been to too many RLC Mess Dinners I wager. Why do you think the lasses have to wear those voluminous skirts. :)

    /me Pulls pin, throws smoke, and runs for cover.
  5. this is a whaaaaah isnt it?
  6. After watching your perfomance on the "Gun run" Yesterday I'd worry more on your fitness and less on Mess History!
  7. Assuming its not a wah, the Vice President of the Mess Committee is almost certainly absolutely correct.

    I too chuckle at the words Madame Vice whenever I hear them.
  8. Definitely Vice President of the Mess Committee. Almost always the most junior member of the mess, Mr Vice's role originated from controlling the activities of those mess members not on the top table. Hence making the toasts, being the second person to start eating (after the PMC), the last person to recieve port (ensuring all members' glasses are charged before the toasts) and of course taking charge(!) of the membership in order for the top table to obtain post dinner drinks and indulge in polite conversation unencumbered by the riff raff! Aside from his duties on the night, he should also aid the PMC in making arrangements before the event.
  9. It had to happen recognised at last. Moon Monkey thank you for worrying about my condition!!!!!!!!!!! Went and saw the doc after as i was slightly worried at not being able to breath (even though i was using every pore on my body), she has sent me to bed with a hot water bottle and Pnuemonia alledgedly!!!!!!!!!!!!!