Origins behind the royal warrant

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by QManWpns, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. Having dug about in the net can anybody explain the origins of the Quarter Master Sergeant appointment.
    And when the Warrant rank was first used "English Civil War" perhaps comments please.
  2. My bet is that it started out as a warrant for the arrest of some grizzled Sergeant, who parlayed it into a promotion and a piece of parchment NOT signed by TCH, and an excuse for endless daytime pissups for all of similar exalted status.
  3. I'm fairly certain warrants started in the Navy. As it was normal for naval families of good blood to send their sons away to captain HM's ships, there was a situation where comissioned officers were given command of vessels with little, if any, experience. WOs were created to create 'officers' from the ranks (or whatever the naval equivalent is) to advise these young aristocrats. It was unacceptable for an enlisted man who was not a gentleman to receive a comission so the warrant was a way around this.

    This is quite a good link that explains how the Army went from Four Stripes to the Crown and Wreath arrangement.
  5. There's a very detailed history of the RN WO at:
  6. General Melchett

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  7. We also used to have Sergeant Major Generals too. I suspect some peice of snobbery aboilshed the sergeant bit though.
  8. Apparently they were too loud in the mess!
    You are right though; it explains why Lieut. Generals are the more senior rank.
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