Original SWAT Classic Boots

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by AsterixTG, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. Anyone have experience of them? I have used the search function but nowt came up.

    Problem I have out here in Dubai is lack of choice. We have one Military Equipment shop in the whole of the Emirate and after having a good look around it, their selection of boots, while plentiful, was mainly cheap & nasty or the better put together stuff was limited in the sizes they stocked.

    An Outdoor Equipment shop has started stocking Original SWAT Classic boots and they look alright for the money and the reviews I can find seem to rate them.

    I don't need them for full on operational work, as I'm, errr.. no longer operational but want a good lightweight boot that can stand up to the rigors of the odd tab (I get out into the mountains here quite often during the winter with a couple of other ex serving mates) and general poncing around.

    I know there are plenty of alternatives made but unless I order them in, I can't get them here - I looked at shipping over some Lowas but the additional cost was daft for a pair of boots that might not fit and have to be sent back.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Wouldn't recommend them for any mountain work.
  3. Maybe I should explain - It's not the Alps/Himalayas, more this sort of stuff


    That image was from a news report where it had snowed for the first time in living memory - it's not harsh stuff and it's hiking rather than climbing work.
  4. I have a pair of side-zip dessies which I pretty much live in. They're fine for urban mincing and light outdoor poncing. I wouldn't fancy trig bashing in the Hindu Kush wearing a pair though.
  5. Thanks but forget about it.

    The only 2 shops in Dubai that sell boots don't have any normal sizes of anything half decent. Fine if you're a dwarf or big foot but there's not a pair of size nines to be seen.

    So ******* annoying but very much par for the course here.

    The most frustrating thing is yet again, there are no other options. No other shops, can't drive to the next town and you can't even go through the mail order process - well you can but we're talking crazy expensive to arrange from the UK. I physically cannot buy something as simple as a pair of normal boots.
  6. I have zipper sided SWAT's for work (security) They have been better than the Magnums I had before (what ain't?) Worn them for a year now, nothing taxing, only thing is the lining of the boot has come apart, not a problem for the work I do, but would be bloody uncomfortable on a tab!
    Look elsewhere for tabbing boots is my opinion.
  7. Will do - have to anyway. Nothing to buy here. I'll have to wait until next year when I'm back in the UK to pick up something decent.
  8. H3

    H3 LE

  9. Postage is nearly as much as the boots and there's no guarantee they'll fit, suit my foot shape etc...
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    But thats a Courier service , when I did my costing it said £76 !! still nippy granted .... RVOP's are very help full in answering any questions regards postage and how these boots actually fit .

    Try this to measure your feet and send them the results to see if they can help out !!!

    How to measure your feet for boots ordering - YouTube
  11. Ok- more digging around - I'm sure these people don't want to sell anything as they're extremely difficult to find.

    Found a regional distributor that sells Danner but only wholesale direct to the military and won't sell 'a pair' to a punter such as I. Also dug up another one that does Blackhawk stuff but says they only have limited sizes - I shall visit them later today.

    I'm sure you're finding this boring but it's always a journey when you want something slightly outside the norm here in the ME - you forget how easy things are in Europe and the US.
  12. Managed to talk one of the military equipment suppliers here, they all only sell direct to government etc.., in to parting with a pair of Nighthawk Desert Op boots.

    Very, very comfy out of the box and perfect for what I want.

    What a palava for a set of LPCs!
  13. H3

    H3 LE

    Got there in the end I see ... looks like you've just discovered a market for an Outdoors style sports shop similar to Cotswold Outdoor | Outdoor Clothing, Footwear and Equipment , mind you would the local population get off their back sides to go walking up the Hajja Mountains !!
  14. Cheers H3 - you state the bleedin' obvious.

    A decent outdoor shop with tried and tested military and high end goods will work - we have a new place called Adventure HQ - but... it would depend on having loads of choice and that's the problem.

    Loads of choice in one place doesn't happen - everything here is tied down to a small group of distributors. It's the same if you want to buy a pair of boots or a car. Want Nighthhawk, one place. Want a Mercedes, one dealer - it's all about monopolies.

    From what I've found out over the last few weeks, anything remotely military is very heavily monitored and regulated. Wouldn't want the great unwashed being able to get mil-spec gear off the shelf, would we...