Original intended role of the LSW

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It seems that there's a bunch of revisionist nonsense about the role of the LSW that has gained common currency, as shown in the C-mag thread that @ugly quite righteously closed: LSW with 100 round 5.56mm Beta C Mag/Drum | Army Rumour Service

This thread is to serve as a reference to put this pernicious myth to bed. @ugly can please lock it once all the photos are up.

The LSW (printed on the side: MG L86A1 LIGHT SUPPORT WEAPON), as the designation gives plainly away, was an MG. It was always intended to replace the GPMG at section level.

Here's a bunch of original propaganda, right back to the 4.85mm days, and some other interesting photos that should make this plainly clear:

More photos:

And more
Here's the official handover ceremony - one chap handing over an SLR to receive an IW, another chap handing over a GPMG and receiving an LSW:

And here's an LSW with a C-mag on it. You can't quite see it in the photo, but it says "MG L86A1 LIGHT SUPPORT WEAPON" on the side.

And finally, here's the pages relating to acceptance, and looking at foreign LMG's as fallback plans in case the LSW couldn't be accepted for service (by modifying the requirements so that it would...)


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I thought the orignal role of the LSW was to make the sell off of the factory making it more attractive?
Original role yes, but the thread has already covered it is useless at that. It does a very good job at putting accurate shots on target, something it does not do when ignored and fobbed off as the crow cannon.

The fact it looks silly is the reason it is not liked, put some new optics on it, deal with those daft outriggers and slap some new furniture on it and people will all want to use the thing. As we all know, the more ally something looks the more squaddies will want it.
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