Origin of 'cast'


Dear All,

Where does the word 'cast' (as in BER) come from?

Something to do with "cast-off"?

In the case of one BEME's diesel montego, it seems to mean:  "immediately available for auction" and it has been providing his family excellent service ever since .
In about 1965 a Casting policy for vehicles (and possibly other equipments) was instituted. Basically it took into account the age and availability of replacements and alloted a repair cost limit (In conjunction with FORWARD) the older a vehicle was obviously the lower the limit.
In 1966 I was working in the Inspection bay at 50 Comd Wksp, Hong Kong and inspected the Commander British Forces Austin Princess which because of it's age had a £25 repair limit. I therefore filled in the paperwork and submitted it to the Casting Committee, I was soon visited by a very irate Lieutenant General, about 6ft 3in,who left me in no doubt that he was not going to squeeze into a Ford Zephyr and I would find a way of preventing that happening. I eventually made out about 12 job cards of £25 each.

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