Origin of Americans found!Shoite!!

So it's true then,America is sh1t!

Shite Septics

Fossilised faeces found in a US cave may help solve the riddle of when and how humans came to the Americas.

The samples date back just over 14,000 years, before the time of the Clovis culture.

Clovis people dominated North and Central America around 13,000 years ago, and whether any groups came before them has been controversial.
Lots of people found America before Columbus - They just had the intelligence and good manners not to mention it to anyone.

Are these "clovis people"?
The one on the right is Cletus, so maybe Clovis is on the left.
They look like the sort of people who regularly take a dump in a cave.
Hey boy, where'd you dun find that pitchu of me and Clovis from?

He's mah brutha and mah uncle, he's the so-phis-ti-macated one in our famly. Why he once dun went to Burger King three times in one week! It wer two weddins (his own) and a funeral (his wife 'n' sistah).

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