Orientals in the U.K.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mon_colonel, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Looking at the recent clashes in Birmingham, the radicalisation of Muslim youth, numerous incidents between African/ Caribbean and white youths etc, could someone tell me why you never hear of any of the above from the Chinese / Oriental immigrants living in the U.K.
    How come they can manage to get along with their lives without recourse to riots, constant whining about racism, preferrential treatment etc and the aforementioned Muslims etc can't.
    If all immigrants were like the Chinese etc I doubt if anyone would have a problem with them, hard working law abiding people...
  2. Because the Triads are dead good at hush hush makee disappeary stuff??
  3. Simples.

    The "Orientals" and most other Asians I know are far too hard working, and family orientated to waste time on such things.

    My Jewish friends, those who are religious minded, confine their arguments amongst themselves arguing about the finer points of the Torah etc.

    Make a living, get a roof over your head and feed the family that's their priorities, and they'll work longer hours than the workshy or the "9-5 and no more" brigade and will work the hours and do the jobs we don't want to as well.

    Good on them I say. :D

    Just don't walk into a take away and say to the lass behind the counter "Chow Mine doll?".
  4. I've never had any problems with any Chinnesse in the UK, in fact I haven't had a problem with Indians, Russians, Polish, Hungarians or even the Welsh! :D

    (However I was once short-changed by a Latvian, wouldn't normally worry me but I had a nasty itch for a week.) :oops:
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    you're just being a capitalist lackey running dog with no respect for other cultures. or something.

    hand yourself in for political re-education forthwith comrade - dont make us denounce you publicly.
  6. Did anyone notice anything Frog about his nom de plume???

    No, me neither... :D
  7. Orientals in the UK seem to be very patient with the stereotypes about Chinese people in the popular media.

    Worst of all are the adverts: no jar of sweet and sour or stir-fry crap can be sold without dozens of Chinee "Ah-so" types flying through the air clutching chopsticks.

    The worst offender is Uncle Ben's stir-fry rice, the aroma of which attracts dozens of 'coolies' wearing conical hats, pigtails and silk pyjamas from all across town.

    If they advertised their rice showing loads of contented black slaves plucking at banjoes and shouting "massa", they would be taken off the air.
  8. Ah so is actually a Japanese phrase, much parodied and ridiculed but it means basically "right, with you, the penny has dropped". Its a shorter from of the polite "Ah, so des!!".

    Agreed re the uncle ben's, but I like the stir fry advert at the moment that has the kung fu chop socky chappies turning up at the house at tea time.

    Orientals have had so much stick over the years, even before the railroads in the USA, they bear it, but don't pull the tiger's tail.
  9. The racism thing - One of my best mates "British born Chinese" or BBC. He was telling me ages back now him and his brother got some sh*te of some little chav on the bus spouting of some racist "chinese" jokes. Him and his brother then offered to break all their faces. Racism stopped. He reckons that sort of attitude for Chinese people is pretty standard.

    And I think they dont moan all that much about the country as most of them are hardworking folks who just crack on with their lives, minus the 10 percenters of course. :p
  10. They'll have you by the sweet and sour balls! :)
  11. Come to think of it, never had any issue, ever, with an "oriental" or Asian person, like the folks from India or Nepal, come to that. No axe to grind nor radicalism, possibly ( and I standby to be corrected). :D

    Now, what was I going to say...er, cough well, ahem Takeaways, loads of them, everywhere. :oops: Sorry to mention this, but, really :evil: .....and leaflets, effin millions of them, every day, everywhere, well...Bengal Palace this, the Hot Wok that, well I mean they're everywhere aint they? Yes.....No??? :oops: Hat, Coat, ........gone
  12. Yep, terribly nice chaps to a man, those Chinese. :wink:

    I think the serious point here is that every nationality has its criminal and/or extremist element, the Chinese are no exception. Niether are the British for that matter.
  13. This thread is'nt about immigrant criminality, ( read it properly) its about why the Oriental races in the UK are quite content to get on with their lives without the constant accusations of racism against them like some others I could mention.
  14. Well said le crabe tambour

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
  15. Did you or did you not say this phrase?