Oriental Birds...The Attraction Is?...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Watching an episode of SVU,The's a guest member,Kelly Hu,who was wandering arouns Central Park in her skivvies...

    She's f*cking smoking hot!!


    So I got thinking...what is the attraction of oriental women?
    Sexy or just pure filth?..

  2. Because they look 15?
  3. Vanessa Mae does it for me

  4. Neither! Their fannies are the wrong way round, like a letter box, it's f*ckin fascinating.
  5. I once shagged one in the back of a warrior, just proves that there is a chink in the armour
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  6. Oriental birds are hot because:

    1. They just are.
    2. See 1
  7. Because for a palm full of Viet Dong you can re-enact losing your virginity all over again with a frightened looking teenager

  8. *Ker....Ching!*
  9. Because it is always nice to shag birds who have hair like brillo pads, appear to be suffering from jaundice and who seem to been unable to stop their bike, when the busin front of them stopped?

    Now I've had my fair share of oriental totty - the charming Jenny who ran our IT department in connecticut was a delightful little dim sum* and the Japanese language students from the Anglo Japanese Friendship Society were all delightful in their desires to erm assimilate Western shagging culture. However given a choice of a non-western bird, your big black mamma does it for me everytime guys.

    There is something truly filthy about purply black nipples and it is so much more relaxing than having an everpresent worry whether your Chinese model is or was originally fitted with a gearstick...

    *I later discovered she only shagged me to make her lesbian friend Cheeky jealous and their reunion fcuk was apparently tremendous. I don't mind, I'm a team player and I was just happy to help myself. I mean just help.
  10. never seen the appeal, TBH. Oriental birds always look like they need a bit of a scrub to me.
    I have based this opinion on a year spent in hong kong plus a few trips to bangkok, so i feel i speak from a position of some authority :lol:
  11. They don't seem to inflate to 2000psi upon ingesting chocolate/cake/carbohydrate of choice.
  12. They do however wrinkle up like some pastiche of the bizarre roots they use in their medicine shops...
  13. Oh God I miss Hong Kong and Singapore, and even that shithole Kuching
  14. Is it because you can turn them over at half-time and pretend it's a 10 year old boy???
  15. They are brilliant. Always seem ever so keen to please and as as a very welcome bonus, their tiny hands and mouth make your cock look massive(er).