Organising Veterans Day 2009

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mazur_UK, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. A week or two ago I sent the following E-mail to Cambridgeshire County Council:

    I got back the usual "This has been forwarded to the relevant department" E-mail. After about a week I was planning to send another E-mail to them when I recived this reply:

    This, to me, looks great. Do you think this is a "blank cheque" so to speak?

    I would like to E-mail the local units, set out a program etc. Is it as simple as that?

    Any ideas/help in organising would be very welcome.

    If anyone tells me how, I could attach the letter I got as a word file (it was attached to the e-mail).


    (If this is in the wrong area, please move it).
  2. It certainly looks promising.
    My advice to you would be this.
    Firstly, decide exactly what it is you would like to see happen. Would you like a parade, a formal ceremony/service. Displays, stands?
    Approach all the units you would like to be involved and see if they would be keen to take part, also see what they may be able to provide for you.
    Approach the RBL and any other such organisation and ask them to get involved.
    Only after you have your plan should you then approach the council.
    Respond to them and let them know that you would like to get something organised and that you will contact them again when you have further details.
    Getting in touch with your local news papers may also be a good idea.
    Also any walt/re-enactment/living history blokes may be a good thing.
    They can put on some excellent displays that can be quite educational and they bring the punters in.

    Good luck!
  3. It's not a blank cheque. It's saying "It's got bugger all to do with us. If you want some thing doing, you organise it, tell us what your plans are and we'll let you know if we'll allow it. But we will have somebody available to be invited as a senior guest so that it will appear to Joe Public that we started the ball rolling."

    If you're serious about organising one for next year, actually look into the massive undertaking that you'd be embarking on. It's not something that you can knock up in a few hours of your spare time. And for it to go well, you need to get inside the minds of everybody else involved and make sure that they're all pulling in the same direction.

    Look at these to get some ideas: