Organising savings for a lad just starting in Pirbright

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Extra_Stout, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Hey lads,

    I'm moving over to England from Ireland for Phase 1 in a few weeks time. I have to set up a bank account beforehand, as far as I know. Anyway, I was thinking that it'd be prudent to set up a savings account of sorts, so that I can send ~35/40% of my wages into it by standing order each month. So, if anyone could help;

    1) Will I need a UK address to open a bank account? I've heard that if I go to Northern Ireland I can open one there with my Dublin address, is this true?
    2) Can anyone recommend a savings account option? I'm thinking of between 2-4 years worth of saving, and I won't want to touch it before then.

    Thanks arrse!
  2. Wish I were qualified to give financial advice, but I just aint. That''ll be those Independent Financial Advisor types (no such thing as truly independent?....but t'internet throws up these> Not really the place to ask these questions, really?

    No advice, just signposting. Hope it helps.

    You might want to ask the most difficult questions at the UK HMRC
    HM Revenue & Customs: Non-residents: frequently asked questions

    Regular Savings Accounts: 8% on £3,600 for First Direct custs...

    Regular Savings Accounts: 8% on £3,600 for First Direct custs...

    Regular Savings Accounts: 8% on £3,600 for First Direct custs...

    If you're non UK resident, what about an international Bank account? Maybe Barclays or another big player. Rules for non residents can be complex, I understand
  3. You might want to talk to both Holts Bank and Forces Financial - both do bank accounts for members of the armed forces and may be able to help without UK address etc. They will also be around at ATC(P) shortly after you arrive.

    Good luck!