Organising OPFOR for Exercises

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hardysa, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone have, or know of, resources for planning and using force-on-force for exercises?

    It's something we'd like to do more of - so far it has been a little ad hoc and I would be interested to know how people have maximised their potential.

    Does anyone employ the concept successfully to provide challenging training for weekends?

  2. The main thing for organising OPFOR is coordination so that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing at the right time so the Blue Forces can take the appropriate action. Good planning is key as is having a good OPFOR commander.
  3. I couldn't comment from a planning stage, but we have on a number of occasions used the OTC as OpFor. They're well up for it, stick a good SNCO with them for direction (and to 'monitor' - ahem- their alcohol intake!!).
    We profited very well from this in the past, with a number of the OTC transferring across, we gained a number of good young officers, and some decent Rfn too.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Don't be afraid of approaching a local/affiliated ACF unit. This can work particularly well for COIN scenarios, with the AIs/senior cadets being the insurgents, and the younger ones CIVPOP. Lots of scope for writing in serials with dickers, combat indicators, civ unrest etc.


    Make sure they are bringing enough AIs so that they can work in smaller groups.

    Discuss your plan in detail with the Det Comd long in advance, and agree what can/cannot be achieved.

    Be prepared for them to mong it/refuse to soldier if it gets wet/cold. You cannot force them to do things in the same way as you can an adult soldier.

    Be prepared to provide logistical support for them - ours never seem to have rations, ammunition or transport!

    As per the OTC - absolutely key is to have an OC Opfor from your unit who you trust to implement your plan!
  5. Cambs ACF regularly provided OPFOR for CUOTC when I was a cadet. Just make sure you just get their more senior cadets to do it and maybe issue them goretex and a bivvy bag for the duration to make sure they will at least be dry.
  6. I used ACF way back when, and they were great. I understand that they need a guaranteed period of kip at night (only being lickle), so you have to have grown-ups to man the positions you want your blokes to recce on the Saturday night (for example).

    For our battalion's last-ever FTX we had enough cadets to keep three rifle companies busy.

    We also used non-Infantry units who were happy to let a few blokes practice their infantry skills for the weekend. I have no idea how possible that is under current budget conditions.
  7. Angular we you 5 Royal Anglian by any chance?
  8. Check my avatar for company and battalion....then PM me.
  9. We've used ACF and OTC in the past for OPFOR.

    Senior ACF are good, keen and enthusiastic and really get into it, they normally jump at the chance. Ring your local det.
  10. Seen this before - the cadets were on the ball, very professional for young'uns, as for the idiot that was leading them - he had to go, so as said before a good JNCO was put in charge and they were excellant.