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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by PoisonDwarf, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys'n'girls.

    I'm pretty sure that most messes will have their own contacts for getting hold of stuff like big marquee tents and decent bands/discos.

    I'm organising a biggie later this year and looking for better variants on the above! Any decent contacts? If your unit has a decent big marquee which might be better than the civvy ones then please PM me, or if you have useful contacts I'd be grateful.

    One other thing...what's the feeling on 'tribute' bands (where affordable)? I've seen a few in recent years in the mess (Commitments and Bjorn Again) and they were really good. Do you think that the novelty is worth it, or do you think 'all-rounders' who do a wide variation on material are better?


  2. might help to give arough guide to where you are in the world?
  3. England. Pretty much in the middle.

  4. Try they were my main default setting as PEC last year, lots of variety and almost a one stop shop.

    (Damn I've unwittingly become their advertising bitch 8O )
  5. Cheers. I'll check them out. You should get paid commission! :D
  6. Tribute bands are cheesy, but a good one can certainly make a mess do. To be honest, even if they are shite, it gives the assembled masses someone to heckle and ridicule for a while! :)