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I am trying to get some FTRS sorted. However going through the PSAO is like getting blood from a stone/banging head against brick wall. I want to stay within my regt. So does anyone know how much choice you get when putting your self forward or is it just a case who ever wants you gets you. I've tried the adjt but he is not replying to my emails as it appears they all went on leave a week early!!
Any help from the arrse community would be a great help

I know how you feel with some of those PSAO's - through experience I have found many of them to be just 'a bit too long in the tooth' to care and often don't understand the realities of TA soldiering. Most of them have done 22- 30 years in the regs and extend on NRPS to top up the pension, so their understanding of the work/TA/home balance is limited!! Back to the main point - every Friday afternoon go to the British Army Website, click on 'Serving Soldier' then 'Career and finally 'TA and Reserve Opportunies - this will give you an updated list of all FTRS vacancies available. Some will state a specific corps or trade, some jobs just require general bods(any capbadge) to work at BATUS, for example. If you are a TA infantry soldier, I would say you are almost certain to be able to serve with your regular counterparts of the same capbadge. Ring 0141 224 8740 - APC Glasgow FTRS Wing who will help you further
Speak to your PSI first - PSAO is the man who does the paperwork afterwards for the most part.

If you're Teeth Arms, your PSI will have come from the Regular Unit, and therefore will have the contacts and knowledge of what it happening, and likely to come up.

CS/CSS units also require backfilling for Ops and Exercises, and as Cutsy says, there's a regularly updated list of vacancies.

But the person I'd speak to first is the PSI.
I've just started a 1 year FTRS posting with my own unit as MTSNCO as my SPSI was posted to Iraq.When i was at RTMC for my medical ,there were 19 of us but i was the only one going to serve with my own unit, some were going abroad whilst others serving in the UK.
As already mentioned if you look on the army website the list of current FTRS vacancies will be posted.However be careful as you loose out on some perks ie if you claim travel as TA you can't claim under FTRS and you also don't get the X factor for home commitment. :D

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