Organising christmas pacels to the sandpits

I remember reading a mod post on here somewhere that they are organising a “guide” on what to send over there, and who to address it to. If i read the post correctly and there is one, is there any info on it?

I’m going to put one together myself and get people in my otc to put parcels together and send them over, i've also got a couple of other ideas. If the mods aren’t planning a “guide” would people be interested in checking mine over and possibly organising something within their units to send stuff over there?
Cheers creme_brulee, was already going to use that for form a new one in terms of items, but want to make it more aimed at a unit organising and sending them over in "bulk" so to speak. Like I said I've got a few ideas just need to put them on paper and see if they are stupid/practical/worthwhile.

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