Organising charity events

So, as part of being a teenager, I want to try and get some charity work and organisation skills on my record as I'm heading towards trying to be an army officer.

I have a few problems, I need to organise charity events between me and my friends that won't cost us too much money, as we're all skint, but time is not a problem, and we're prepared to put in as much time as possible to make a decent amount of profit for charity.

I've already emailed my college principal proposing a cake sale for help for heroes. But are there any other viable options open to me apart from this? I'm trying to get the same thing done in cadets (replacing NAAFI chocolate with cake made by cadets for a week, all proceeds to charity). Also looking at trying to enter the Preston 10k (local 10k run) and hopefully PARAS10 with my friend later this year, sponsored for a military charity, are there any other things I can try and get on to in the meant time to raise charity money? I've seen such things as SLR bayonets on sale for £40 and so on, if it's mounted, could it be auctioned here?

All replies negative positive or completely irrelevant are appreciated.
Hmmm. Maybe the Rupert-to-Be was looking for specific army-centric advice since he is keen to be an army officer. Just a thought. Since he obviously is. He may even have found this board by googling Charity and Army, although he has posted on ARRSE before as anyone can see. Perhaps he even noticed that there was a section dedicated to Charities and Welfare.

Moral of this story No. 1? Taking the piss is normally reserved for other boards.
Moral of this story No. 2? He is planning to do stuff for charity. Relevant Mission Verb: Help when possible.
Moral of this story No. 3? Ever followed a really slow and awkward driver who was having a driving lesson? We were all that person once.

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