organising AT

does anyone have any good camp to stay in for at:

i allready have my own mlt's and a climbing instructor,and a kayak instructor just struggerling on the accomadation.

dates 20 June to 01 july this year. st morgans is out of question fully booked bloody cadets!!!!!!

Any ideas ????
Ring your local DTE office and ask what is available ?

How many folk is the first questio - there are a string of AT huts in Scotland that work for numbers from a dozen to 40 odds.

The bigger camps will indeed be hooching with Cadets at the end of Jun, start of the school holidays and "Camp" season I guess.
Not to worry found a camp okehampton. Poeple say it's poo but I thinks it's what you make of it their is only 30ppl a week.

Has anyone used obe services an at company in Cornwall they may well set us up with coast steering. Just need some feedback to see if thereany good.

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