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I am organising a trip out for St. Eligus day for my unit and need to write an admin instruction for it. Has anyone got a copy they can email to me, that I can use as a template?

Whilst on the subject, I intend to do a visit to the VW factory. Has anyone been there and had the tour? My plan is to tie it in with an "Engineering Study Day", so if anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!
you want to visit somewhere that does manufacturing like Krauss Maffie,

When I served with 5 armd, we did a sort of adventure trg at some german airfield in munich (no hot water, beds etc doss bags on the concrete flooor) it was summer, but good fun,
took turns as syndicates to do all camp admin cooking etc no slop jockies were allowed to cook, gave them a break,
we cooked full meals roasts all with field kitchen utilities, went canoeing etc for a few hours each day after starting the day with 3mile run, you got out your bag, running gear on first no wash etc straight on the run that was the order the oc gave, we got washed etc when back off the run.
After adventure bit we were left to our own devices,(hoffbrau house olmpic city drinking yeeha, but some days we went on organised trips by the wksp Dachau, Bmw museum, and by far the best Kraus Maffie they built loads of stuff inc tanks & locomotives, we got to go round the test trk for leopard and went to the simulators for leopard and geppard the anti aircraft version very very impressive day out that was, we were well looked after.
I'd be interested to hear some more details about it, if you could send me some, ie, contact details, etc. I'm looking at VW as a definate, because of the REME link. I've also heard that H&K look after the REME well - lots of beer and range time.
Crikey m8 that was back in 89/90 maybe 91 i was a sgt then but had no input cant think who it was was organised by it may have been Capt Homer simpson at the time I think he is full blown Col now last saw him at DLO Andover, are you stationed in germany or uk, We 5 armd also had a partnershaft with 7 Instansetzung Bn in Kamen down by kamener Kreutz these german army wksps are good to have as a source of info and may be able to help you, even do an exchange, we used to have sports days against them too. Must admit the Munich trip was the best by far I am sure if you have chat with your OC he should be able to find out who to contact at Krauss maffie, or go through top Reme man dgeme or whatever hes called these days
sorry I couldnt be of more help but it was nearly 20 yrs ago maybe if there are any other 5 armd lads reading this who went on that jolly will remember,
regards 1_ o_t_b
No worries. Funny how time flies... already looking at the German exchange thing, tried to do one whilst I was in 3Bn, but it got "hi-jacked" by the officers there. I'm looking at trying that one again though soon.

In Germany by the way...

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