Organising a winter sport exped

Any one have any info on setting up a winter sport (Skiing Snowboarding) Exped.

I would like to take a couple of lads out to the slopes around early Dec time.

Im looking at france if poss. Im hoping to ferry / drive in a minibus to keep costs down.

Info im looking for is just enough to point me in the right direction i.e what quals the instructors need, relevant DCI's etc


Snowboarding is not actually Adventurous Training and falls under “challenge pursuits”. This means you can still run it but it will have to be signed off by the CO and it will not get any major funding from the Army.

You should look at AGAI Vol 18, Chap 11 (just about to release a new version).
JSP 419.
The new DIN - Insurance for Adventurous Training.

All these can be found under (AT area under top items) and Landweb.

You could run a downhill skiing expedition and the do some Snowboarding as a “background” activity. If you run it from your unit and take about 9 blokes, try and get into one of the Army Bavarian lodges (book early), this will keep the cost down.

On another point a new site (not yet open) is due for rollout in the next few months, this open site will cover everything about AT, including course bookings.

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