Organising a Battlefield Tour

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by EL-PIMPO, Aug 2, 2007.

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    EL-PIMPO Old-Salt

    Can anyone offer any advice on organising a battlefield tour? I'd like to do something a little different. Northern France offers some great historical tours, but they're becoming the norm and everyone's been there. I've got some idea in mind, but the cost might put the kibosh on it.

    Any advice would be greatly recieved.
  2. Man_at_MAN

    Man_at_MAN Old-Salt

    When at 7Bde, we did South Africa (Boer and Zulu wars), but I think it was covered by quite a few grants.

    It depends where you are based and also what Regt you are with. It helps if you can have some connection with what you are doing.

    Perhaps, you might want to rephrase the question, based on these criteria, then others may be able to offer some good advice. Also perhaps let them know if it is for all, Offrs/SNCO's only. This can be important as sometimes you can do it along the lines of a TEWT, it may also have an impact on what depth you want to go down to.
  3. OnTheBus

    OnTheBus Old-Salt

    What about Spain and Portugal, venue for the Peninsula Wars. Badajoz, Salamanca, Barossa, Vitoria etc.
    Oh and the proximity to lots of nice beaches and a couples of bars can't be bad!
  4. Bambi

    Bambi LE

    Have a look of the Defence Intranet under 'CTLB Team Building and Battlefield Tours'. You can get funding - if you are prepared to put a lot of work into the tour. If you're looking for a booze-packed jolly, be prepared to dip into pockets .............
  5. sandy_boots

    sandy_boots War Hero

    What regiment?

    EL-PIMPO Old-Salt

    I was thinking about taking a group over to Thailand and do a tour of the Bridge over the River Kwai. Did it a few years ago a holiday but i'd like to return there on a Battlefield tour ... and if we end up spending a couple of nights in Bangkok " acclimatising ", then so be it. But i see funding being an issue.

    EL-PIMPO Old-Salt

    I work in a recruiting office.
  8. sandy_boots

    sandy_boots War Hero

    Check PMs
  9. combatintman

    combatintman War Hero

    Yes it probably will - the onus these days is on the Europe area - going further afield will require shedloads of work and a pretty tight justification. Was the Bridge over the River Kwai a battle? A worthy place to go certainly for commemorative reasons but I think you'll struggle to get funding on the battlefield studies vote. However there is potentially sheds you could do in Asia - study the Malaya Emergency, Borneo Confrontation would give you some insurgency ticks in the box or the fall of Singapore, Battle for Hong Kong for a more traditional approach. Personally though I think you'll struggle to get the cash.
  10. Why not try Arnham. Good for the strategic overview and tactical, down to individual action. The museum is good so it takes a bit of pressure off having to organise every hour and the bridge is fresh in the mind from seeing the film.

    If you are coming from UK you can drop in at Flanders on the way through and call in at JHQ for the duty free or PX trip. Not exotic but very manageable.

    If you want to go that bit further, think about Stalingrad.
  11. redfibee

    redfibee Old-Salt

    My Regt went to Monte Cassino (have I spelt that right?) in Italy a couple of years ago. An excellent tour, something different, totally engrossing. To help with cost / time we flew with Easyjet to Rome.
  12. BegoneCare

    BegoneCare Clanker

    Land Warfare, when it was in Upavon, had collected a very useful library of campaign study and battlefield tour packs. Don't know where it is now, although quite a few of the reports were backed up by the libraries at JSCSC and Shriv, so they might be able to help. Would give some ideas, and if you choose one of them, the workload in producing the study pack and selecting the stands is easier. Other trick which proved helpful was to talk to the academics at JSCSC and RMAS, or those who have recently left there. If any have published a book recently on a battle in a place you can get to, that can work very well. At the moment, Lloyd Clark's 'Anzio' might fit the bill? As redfibee says, Italian campaign is well worth the effort. The campaign there deserves to be better known.
  13. chimp503

    chimp503 War Hero

    Have you done Waterloo or dropped down to the ardennes or popped up to Arneham?
  14. 303rifleman

    303rifleman Old-Salt

    A Battlefield Tour as such do not exist and will not get funding through the offical channels. However the "Battlefield Study" on the other hand will. You need to submit your plan almost a financial year ahead now, complete all the usual reams of paperwork and jump numerous hoops, alternatively Hire a minibus dip into your pockets and have a good few days away. Arnhem is good,
  15. Not wanting to hijack the thread (but here goes anyway) in the experience of the people on this board are Battlefield Studies/Tours mainly reserved for seniors/officers and if so what is the reasoning behind this ?

    I am asking because my regiment (TA) usually has one each year but being a Cpl I am not allowed to go on it as it is seniors/officers only. Being interested in military history I have in the past tried to organise a similar event for juniors (a trip to Arnhem), but not enough people were prepared to dig deeply into their pockets as I couldn't get any grants and it would have had to be completely self financing.

    As a result of my efforts I was allowed to go on that years tour and I took a full part in the discussions, both on the tour itself and on the pre-tour study day where I pulled together and presented over 50% of my squadrons allotted topic presentation, so I wasn't just along for the ride and was able to contribute despite my rank (LCpl at the time).