Organ donation: Opt-out bill is published in Wales.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. People will be deemed to have consented to becoming donors unless they opt out of the organ donor register.

    I am not sure i feel comfortable with this "presumed consent" malarkey.

    Only a matter of time before this is rolled out nationwide.

    BBC News - Organ donation: Opt-out bill is published in Wales
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  2. This is not organ "donation"...

    This is organ "requisition".

    If it is adopted throughout the UK I think I will opt out as a matter of principal.

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  3. and people will be encouraged to let there loved ones die, and then the harvesting begins,

    for the record I do not consent to my organs being harvested, not because I am jack c**t, just I was repulsed at the death of my Uncle when the vultures descended his body wasnt even cold and they were trying to badger my aunt into signing away his body.

    Kind of lost my temper with them, in fact think I was asked to leave by hospital management. First time I had red mist in a long time.
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  4. I for one am extremely uncomfortable with the idea of air filters DNA being carried on beyond his own miserable existence.

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  5. I live in Wales

    I will opt out, my corpse is not the property of the state and it isn't the governments choice what is done with it.
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  6. What a good way to overcome the problem though?
    Look at it from another perspective. Watching your uncle die because there wasn't any organs to transplant to save him.
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  7. I Don't blame you mate.

    "Presumed consent" is a very frightening, cavalier and dam well cheeky precedent to bestow upon society.

    That effectively means you become the temporarily property of the state and only realised after your corpse has been raided of medical valuables, no matter how much government try to sugar coat it.

    Have you considered that body parts could well end up being auctioned off to the highest overseas bidder to generate profit ?

    The state wants your body ... but wants nothing to do with any funeral costs!
  8. We'll have a whip-round if you're a bit strapped.
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  9. I think it rather selfish to want to see your potentially useful organs wasted after you snuff it. I would much rather that organs from either myself or my family were used to help others, especially so if I or my next of kin were unavailable at the time to give consent to harvest.

    Lack of suitable organs has caused a huge amount of suffering and, as this system has I believe been used elsewhere it can only be good. Further, it may make the one ethnic group within our society that has more need of organ donation that any other group actually think about the whole issue of donation. Bring it on for the whole of the UK.
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  10. In Scotland if you have died of anything other than natural causes your corpse effectively belongs to the Procurator Fiscal until such time as cause of death has been confirmed.
  11. They can't harvest what they want from me, as I don't think I will care that much.

    Though I am working on making most of my organs unsuitable for transplant due to lifestyle choices!
  12. I can sympathise with getting angry at that, however look at it from their point of view where they don't have the emotional attachment. To them he had useful organs that he no longer had need for, that could save the life (which is what they are paid to do at times) of another person.

    Not being too clued up on it myself, but don't they need to be quick about taking the organs in order to preserve them as best as possible for transport and further transplant?

    I can't see any reason to object (religion excepted), as what are you going to do with them once you've snuffed it?
  13. And why would you care who owns your body at that point?

    Utter nonsense. Sell them to who? I'm led to believe that, it can be hard enough to keep organs in a tip top state while transporting them just around the UK.
  14. good.
    when you are dead, you no longer need them. i'm not a ****ing egoist, even now i'm a blood donor (not as often as I used to though...)
    also- people who opt-out for that shouldn't receive organs from other donors.
  15. I can't see the issue, I mean the military goes and defends people's lives and freedom so isn't giving up organs that you no longer need part of this practise? Personally they can take every part of my body if they want

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