ORG letting the side down

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Mar 22, 2003.

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  1. Was visited at my home yesterday evening by ORG, he said it was nice to visit somewhere that wasn't boarded up and vandalised.

    We went on a bender, however he let the side down by drinking orange alcogirlypops and bowing out and chucking up at nine o clock.

    When this happened much mocking took place and he sulked and drank fizzy vimto for the rest of the night.

    When he awoke this morning he had swamped and puked the bed

    It is official ORG is a pop drinking Brummie Lightweight, with a massive gut and the beer drinking ability of Joey Deacon ;D ;D ;D

    And his rust bucket motor looked like a skip and dripped oil all over my block paving ;D
  2. From a PM yesterday

    A recovery vehicle has since stuck an invoice for a call out charge through the letter box, one of the neighbours saw a big green antique eyesore abandoned on the front and called for thier services.

    If I was a snapper I wouldn't need to use Rohypnol, when i woke up this morning he was stood in the front room knocking one out watching me sleeping
  3. Manc :mad: :mad:

    Would rather be Gay, Ginger and French....

    NEVER accuse me of being a Manc, f@cking backsliding shoplifting, layabout kiddy fiddlers
  4. Matt the day I am Jealous of anyone from Manchester will be the day I cut out my innards and lay them in the road for juggernauts to drive over.

    ORG is indeed a pest and spent all evening chatting to men in leather pants with big moustaches
  5. Seeing how "bad" MDN and ORG are to each other, cause nobody would waste time travelling up and down the M6 if it can be avoided, I think there could be some dark inner secret they are hiding.... I am beginning to think MDN like ginger hair more than he thinks.
  6. I have proof of the motives for ORGs trip to Blackpool

    ;D ;D ;D

    Needless to say you won't be welcome again.

    Ex Dvr let me put your mind firmly at rest, the only way I would find a ginger head remotley attractive would be if it was severed and 100 yards away from where it should be
  7. that makes me feel better MDN - at least I know I will be safe if I'm ever in your neck of the woods, me being ex-ginger, more of a slapheap with grey/silver  round the back and sides now...
    but i had a lifetime to get used to it (well only a few years, as I started going slaphead at 16). But the Army said I was auburn haired on my ID... but can still drink more than a shandy though
  8. MDN, ORG,
    You are both as bad as each other at times. LOL.
    Still it has given me a good laugh today. ;D ;D ;D ;D
  9. Hes worse, Im a grown up ;D
  10. Really? Do you have a certificate that says you are a fully fledged grown up.
  11. Just went upstairs before to investigate a foul stench coming from the bedroom where ORG gonked.

    Puke was hidden under the bed!!! dirty backslider had hidden it hoping it wouldn't be found, must be some sort of Midland ritual.

    My Golden Retriever has also not bee himself, when I took him to the vets, he said there was signs that a small todgered brummie had tampered with it.

    My case rests ;D
  12. No defence for your actions.

    You are a grubby man from the third world. With the habits and manners of a beast.

    You left your underpants here and am now in talks with a Bio Hazard company for there removal and incineration.

    Mrs MDN reports that her wardrobe has been opened and her frocks have been tried on and thrapped in, I wonder if the proven criminal can defend that one ;D
  13. Was the lap dancer with him?
  14. I do reside here, I was here before the puffs!

    You must have enjoyed it because you were in tears at the thought of having to drive back to Calcutta.

    That chap in the Tight Lycra called today to ask were the porky brummie was and asked if you wanted to be his gimp......again