ORG is a tight cnut

ORG ? Aunty Stella treated his nippers ( 2 & 5 ) to a six week old puppy for christmas.

The kids were made up and thought daddy was a proper clever and cool dude.

After two sleepless nights and a good shoeing later, ORG took the poor pup to the RSPCA and said 'This fukcing yapping cnut is gonna get slotted if you don't take it off my hands' when reminded he comitted to the animal not a few days earlier he kicked off calling them all the foul names under the sun.

When quizzed by the kids wher 'snoopy' was he said 'The binmen took him by accident, heres a Matrix DVD' they are besides them self with grief and don't understand why daddy is such a cnut
In MSN a moment ago, he said 'Ha ha, I never took it to the RSPCA that was a lie, I killed it with a spade'

He also said he would stitch me with made up lies which nobody should believe
Fcuking right, smelly little pi55y animal. I hope he drowns in his own urine.

Whilst on the subject of dogs, who was it exactly that shot their own dog, in the head, on the range, just because it was becoming too much hassle to take it for a walk and (this is the good bit), because it got muddy footprints on the leather of the Beamer? :cry:

At least the one I got rid off is still alive :D
I've got some kittens he can have.............the skins make good gloves.

BTW.........can you get rid of the picture of your missus, I'll have to go for a Harry Monk now I've seen her again.
Porky pies in retaliation won't work.... murderer.

You know the story behind Sherlocks very near demise many moons ago when one was potless. I took him to the range because I couldn't afford to feed him.... but couldn't shoot him so he is still here and is as thick and useless as you are
Nearly forgot, the classless Brummie called me ealrier to boast about his weekend purchase... He told me that he had got a bargain with a gold Mk II Capri with tinted windows and a spoiler bigger than a picnic bench... He then went into one about it being a classic British sports car. I only stopped laughing a minute ago, visioning him driving round screechy corners with a cheap leather jacket and a ginger affro introducing himself to chicks as Bodie or Doyle.

remind us what colour you hair is :D
He also recieved a rejection letter from the local stab outfit.. but thats a whole new thread :D :D
Minister_doh_nut said:
but couldn't shoot him so he is still here and is as thick and useless as you are
Lies. The Sherlock as is now is Sherlock the 2nd, as well you know. I remember your old man asking what the blood was on the range and you coming out with the t0ss excuse of having just butchered a deer on there.

This was later followed up by more blatant lies to your missus that Sherlock had "gone AWOL" and that you thought that he had gone into the sea by the pier.

Don't forget puppy murderer, I know where to tell her to dig :D
My old man may be in the autumn of his life but he can tell the difference between a Golden retriever and a deer :D

I could never shoot sherlock, am far too soft for that... you're the resident puppy slayer. Guilty guilty guilty

Bet you even tampered with it on the way to the field where you walloped it with the shovel
Minister_doh_nut said:
My old man may be in the autumn of his life but he can tell the difference between a Golden retriever and a deer
Not after you had removed the body and buried it in the back garden of your sisters house. I seem to remember that after you dragged me all the way over there to boast about it, the only discernable evidence was the big red and greeny/browny/blue patch on the floor and a few bits of yellow fur.

I even remember the quote "fcuk me, I didn't think it would make that much of a fcuking mess, b*stard dog"

Nasty man
You're going straight to hell

Jesus likes fibbers even less than puppy murderers
No need he is here and as loyal but as thick as ever.

You didnt even give your pup a decent burial, just clubbed it and dumped it on waist ground near the canal for some poor unsuspecting kids to find.

Not content with clubbing pups and upsetting your own kids you try to traumatise more children by leaving stoved in doggies for all to see

Where's that quality thread banner?

This is up there , with the Sigs. Gnome snatching. :D :D :D
You are both evil tw*ts and I hope you rot in doggie hell.

....beware the Deputy...he has your number, and he will find you. Bast*rds.

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