Orf with their heads!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ozduke, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. If you stay up 'til midnight, face White City and listen really, really carefully, you can hear the ghost of Lord Reith sobbing its little heart out.
  2. Yet more proof that Auntie is in fact Anti.
  3. Rather typical of the modern right-on BBC. The clip was paraded about gleefully enough yesterday. Now they've been caught out it's all 'a mistake', 'shown in error' and apologies all round. Oh, and not their fault, of course, all down to that nasty production company ........

    Bunch of political, self-righteous weasels. I truly object to funding them. Time they lost the protection of the license fee and took their chances in the real world.
  4. Too right! Not gonna happen while Liabour are in power and somehow I can't see Cameron having the balls to remove the Royal Charter either... :x
  5. Saw the @rsehole Peter Fincham being interviewed - "I take responsibility" but will not resign (of course he won't , his snout is too deep in the BBC trough)

    Resigning is not being responsible - it's a cop out :frustrated:
    the b@st@rd should be sacked (with prejudice as our allies across the pond say).
  6. I thought Fincham came across well. Looking at his body language he was obviously telling the truth and also obviously embarrassed and uneasy with the situation. He looked like someone who had firmly taken control of the buck and was fielding the flak - but you could also see him thinking that "X" was going to suffer for this when he got back to the office. I think whoever was responsible for this has the least enviable career in the BBC after Alan Johnston coming up!
  7. I posted this on another thread - but it's relevant here too:
    Speaking as an occasional BBC freelance employee I would like to point out the following:

    None of the Editors, cameramen, sound recorders, field producers were BBC. They were all employees of RDF Media, an independent production company that had been commissioned by Auntie Beeb to make a long term documentary on Her Maj. They will have been paid a fabulous amount of money to do this.

    In order to maximize their profits they will employee 'telly brats' to acquire the material. These young folk are kids who are so keen to get involved in what they believe to be the glamour of telly they will work for the peanuts and do anything (i.e work 19 hour shifts etc.) They will then go on to crash the crew car through exhaustion.

    Judging by the standard of the shots I have seen I would say there was a telly brat shooting some of the stuff although I would say they had a proper cameraman there also.

    These Telly brats move up the ladder quickly It's not unusual to be sending one off to get the teas in one minute only to find that they have just been promoted to Director. They have little experience and are keen on saying 'let's throw the rule book out the window' Generally it's best at this point to throw them out of the window and crack on without: You have to have read the book first to ignore it.

    The editor and producers are not BBC either. The BBC accepted the rushes showing what they thought was a genuine representation of the facts when in fact it was dodgy splicing. In fact the Queen is clearly walking to the shoot and not away from it when you see the whole thing.

    Fincham and the BBC are guilty of trusting RDF to play it straight and also of not bothering to stand over them with a big stick...

    This is another example of lowering standards of TV production. By the way:

    By all means go out and by a big Hi Def telly - but what you will be watching will not be the well crafted well shot and lit telly of yesteryear (There are obvious exceptions to this: Drama, Blue Planet and similar big budget doccos and anything I have shot!) The standards are dropping away as independent production companies and he Big 4 penny pinch and let the accountants get involved.

    I'll put my hands Up - I work in telly -including a lot of news - therefore I'm probably one of the 'enemy' although in my defence I'm not production -I'm a shooter. Similar to Officers v Other Ranks

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  8. I believe you once held senior(ish) rank.

    This story was nothing short of a major scoop. If yer man was half a clever as he thought he was he knew that and he also understood the implications of going out with a trailer quite as explicit. To quote the Daily Hate:
    Toned down a bit on the BBC Web site:
    Whichever version you go with, I suggest he knew what he was up to and the furore the scoop would generate. He was clearly right.

    If that had been you - and one of your subordinates had handed you a similar scoop, in whatever scenario you care to imagine, wouldn't you have checked it right back to the rivets before going verypublic indeed?

    The man either knew exactly what he was doing or he was a grade A fukcing moron. I know what I would go with.
  9. Well, if I had been in Fincham's place I'd have pre-read the script (to push Autumn schedules) and asked for very specific verification of what had happened. The incident was recorded in March, would he not have been told about this incident earlier if it had happened as first described?.

    Using HM's alleged tetchiness for publicity is dodgy practice, best to be on safe ground to answer questions.

    Instead he blithely read out what was put in front of him. So what value does he actually bring to the organisation ?. Off with his goolies !
  10. I don't dispute that he was looking to make maximum mileage out of what he thought he had in the form of the rushes. However I suspect he thought he had a bona fide stomping out situation and was caught offside well and truly. Apparently he comes from a production background and ought to have been aware of the strokes production companies are likely to pull.

    Maybe he couldn't believe, in an emperor's new clothes styley, that anyone would so misrepresent the facts? The camera doesn't lie - or does it?? Yes it fecking does!

    I still think he seemed a straight guy and I didn't get an impression that he had tried to misrepresent the situation, he had merely presented - perhaps unquestioningly - what he was given. A good rule of thumb is that if something is so good it can't be true, well then it probably isn't true. I expect that BBC 1's staff will be applying a bit more rigour in the near future...
  11. Fincham is not the commissioning editor nor the exec producer. He would be not able to view every bit footage streaming in from the various and many indie production companies that are producing the assorted tripe for our televisual fare.

    RDF passed the 'promo' tape over with a short brief. Fincham's staff have to take it at face value. The exec at RDF need to be hauled in for a severe interview without coffee or chairs to have their budget docked and the company's future as suppliers to Aunty looked at closely. This will hit them
    where it hurts. These cocky media tw@ts think they can get away with murder:

    I have been asked to commit terrible trespass (emotional and physical) in the name of art for some of these people, who, once the damage has been done just move on to the next project. (yes, I have shoved a camera in the face of the odd erring politico etc.)

    I'm not an apologist for the BBC, in fact the inept tools in financial owe me a packet, but some of the execs and producers working there actually do a good job under very difficult conditions: Political Correctness constraints, positive discrimination, bullshite H+S, and loony left wing anti-establishment directives rain from above.
    Bring back McCarthy.
  12. You are in the industry; I am not, I therefore appreciate your (insider's) take on this. However, given the media feeding frenzy over anything vaguely controversial associated with the Royals I cannot believe that this guy wasn't very carefully briefed about what the promo had to offer - and I would have hoped he would then have made time to see the thing for himself. Your statement about seems to infer that it was dropped in his lap lastminute.com and he had to stand up and go with what he had.

    Surely this is not the way a previously very successful and wealthy man working for the BBC would want to conduct business?

    Or doesn't he understand the media? :D
  13. my bold,

    good one, :clap: and there will be a substantial increase in the defence budget!