Discussion in 'Juniors' started by windy2x1, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. If two people of the same rank give you contradicting orders whose do you follow? Sorry for the stupid question.
  2. Easy answer..tell them both to feck off.

    complicated answer. Always follow the last order...especially in the boozer.

    Old saying: Order - counter order, equals disorder, unless you're from the Caribbean mon.
  3. Whomsoever is in the chain of writing your Confidential Report, or whatever it's called nowadays.....
  4. If one of the people involved in giving the orders was me, then best you do what I said, and leave that interfering prick to me.
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  5. The one with the biggest fist!!
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  6. Ignore both, can't be showing favouritism you see.
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  7. do both!
  8. Ask them to do some milling, and whoever wins, listen to them.

    What was it they were telling you to do by the way, out of interest?
  9. Always follow the last order given, simples.
  10. That's depends:

    Army - it doesn't matter either way you'll be wrong.

    RN - either way nobody gives a shit.

    RAF - just sit down and discuss it like adults.
  11. Tell More Senior Person 1 that More Senior Person 2 thinks that they're a shitc unt who doesn't know what they're doing so they've told you to do something different.

    See who wins the argument and obey them.
  12. Find someone you outrank and DELEGATE!
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