Orders of dress

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booboo, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. I've been told I can wear my stable belt with Nos 7 & 14 dress, what are these? Is there a list of all orders of dress? Stand by for more uniform questions, I'm having trouble with barrack dress too!!
  2. Try here.

    Bit of a start point although no doubt there is more in depth info elsewhere.

  3. No 7 Dress Tropical/hot weather barrack dress
    No 14 Dress Temperate climate barrack dress shirt sleeve order
  4. could someone list all the types of dress please as this would be a great help. also what is tropical dress?
  5. Ok, so I understand from the woman who issued my kit that they are phasing out bk dress skirts & she has no more in my size, I have been issued green lightweight trousers (very flattering) & lots of fawn shirts & 2 green shirts. No hats yet other than a beret. What do I wear for barrack dress? I start work before I can speak to anybody about this!!!!

    Authorized Orders of Dress. Orders of dress are as follows:

    Full dress - Household Troops
    (Public expense) - Authorized Regular Army bands, when entitled.

    Full dress - Worn at regimental expense (Optional).

    No 1 Dress - Temperate ceremonial uniform.

    No 2 Dress - Service dress (temperate parade uniform).

    No 3 Dress - Warm weather ceremonial uniform.

    No 4 Dress - Warm weather uniform (SD pattern for officers).

    No 5 Dress - Desert combat dress.

    No 6 Dress - Warm weather parade uniform (bush jacket).

    No 7 Dress - Warm weather barrack dress.

    No 8 Dress - Temperate combat dress. (CS95)

    No 9 Dress - Tropical combats are no longer provisioned, replaced by CS95.

    No 10 Dress - Temperate mess dress.*

    No 11 Dress - Warm weather mess dress.*

    No 12 Dress - Protective clothing.

    No 13 Dress - Temperate barrack dress.

    No 14 Dress - Shirt Sleeve Order.

    * [Optional dress for WOs/SNCOs at private expense]
  7. What are you? Bit wierd this.
  8. Temperate - Read UK & Euroupe

    Warm Weather - Read Nepal & Brunei

    Tropical - Read Jungle


    No3 Dress# - White No1 Jacket

    No4 Dress# - Stone coloured Lightweight N02 Dress

    No6 Dress# - Stone coloured Lightweight Bush Jacket & Trousers

    No11 Dress# - White Mess Jacket with Temperate No10 Trousers

    No12 Dress* - Coveralls or Special Protective Gear

    No13 Dress* - Barrack Dress Trousers or Trousers Lightweight with Pullover

    No14 Dress* - Can be No5, 6, 7, 8 or 13 Dress in Shirt Sleeves.

    # Overseas wear as per local orders

    * No12, 13 & 14 Dress are as stated in local orders

    Since the introduction of CS95 and the layer system a lot of the orders of dress are no longer used.